Habitat Unit

Book Chapters

Paola Alfaro d'Alençon (2014) Housing for the Urban Poor. Between formal planning processes and the "Right to the City" in Latin-American geographies. In LabtAR (eds.) Meeting Brasil-Alemanha: Soluções para urbanização do Território do Bem. LabtAR, Vitoria.


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Shaimaa Abouelmagd (2014). Accessibility to Livelihood Resources in the Egyptian Housing Upgrading Program, the Rehabilitation Approach Verses the Eviction Approach The Case Studies of Suzan Mubarak Public Housing Project in Manshiet Nasser and Nahda City in Cairo. The 6th International Conference Towards a Regional Agenda for Habitat III: Responsive Urbanism in Informal Areas, 25-27 November,Cairo.


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Working Papers

Rachel Lee (2014). From Static Master Plans to "Elastic Planning" and Participation. Retrieved from IPHS / University of Florida: Past as Guide to Sustainable Futures 1: 609-618. Gainesville.