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Dr. Jakub Galuszka



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Curriculum Vitae

Jakub Galuszka completed his PhD at the Habitat Unit between 2015 and 2019. His research looked into the co-productive urban governance arrangements and the role of the urban poor sector in developing housing policies in Metro Manila, the Philippines. Between September 2016 and December 2020, he worked as a coordinator of the Wits-TUB Urban Lab project. Since December 2019, he has been engaged in  Urban Change Makers (2019-2021) and SOLUTIONSplus research projects.

Between April 2021 and May 2022, he was away on a DFG funded research stay at the University of Oxford and Laboratoire Architecture Ville Urbanisme Environnement (LAVUE) in Paris.

Before joining the Habitat Unit, he worked and conducted research in Poland, the Philippines, Georgia and South Africa. This involved cooperation with the EC1 Lodz – City of Culture - an institution responsible for reconstructing the city centre in Lodz, Poland and the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading programme focusing on upgrading low-income and informal areas in Cape Town, South Africa.

This work has spanned monitoring and evaluation, project coordination, formulation of funding applications and policy recommendations in the fields of urban governance, upgrading of informal areas and community-based development.

He holds MSc in International Cooperation and Urban Development from the Technical University of Darmstadt and an MA in Sociology and Ethnology from the University of Lodz. During his studies and work Jakub received several grants (Erasmus Mundus, DAAD, Peter Kirk Travel Scholarship, DFG) and published in urban planning and sociological journals.



Doctoral dissertation: Co-production-between service delivery strategy and urban governance transformation approach

2010 – 2012
Master of Science (M. Sc.), Mundus Urbano - Erasmus Mundus Double Degree. International Cooperation and Urban Development - TU Darmstadt. Urbanism, Habitat and International Cooperation - Pierre Mendes-France University.

2002 – 2008
Master of Arts in Ethnology (M. A.), University of Lodz, Poland

2002 – 2007
Master of Arts in Sociology (M. A.), University of Lodz, Poland

Employment history+

Since 2016
Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

2013 – 2015
Monitoring and Evaluation Researcher
Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading, Cape Town, South Africa

Employee/ post-graduate Programme
Polish Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia

Intern/visiting Researcher
Philippine Institut for Development Studies, Metro Manila, Philippines

2008  2010
Urban Sociology Head Specialist 
EC1 Lodz City of Culture (EU-funded city centre regeneration project), Lodz, Poland

Since 2010
Freelance Consultant
UNRWA; Universty of Cape Town - School of Public Health and Family Medicine, South Africa; Plan C - Research Support to Libya Housing Profile; Centre of Economic Researchers, Poland; Lodz Art Centre, Poland; Technical University Lodz, Poland

Research Projects+

Principle Investigator: New precarious settlements, informality-formality continuum and the housing access question in Europe. DFG - Walter Benjamin

Since 2020                       
Team member: SOLUTIONSplus (Horizon 2020 – ‘Urban mobility and sustainable electrification in large urban areas in developing and emerging economies’), worldwide

Since 2019-2020             
Team member: Urban Change Maker Group - knowledge sharing facility on urban basic services in the context of integrated urban development (UN-Habitat); worldwide

Urban upgrading for violence prevention in South Africa: Does it work?

University of Cape Town - School of Public Health and Family Medicine (IDRC/DIFID funded Safe and Inclusive Cities programme).

Density Syndicate

International New Town Institute/ African Centre for Cities.

Our City – New Centre of Lodz Project EC1 Lodz

EC1 Lodz  – Miasto Kultury/University of Lodz.

Space of Festing, Space of Art. Cultural and Urban Contexts of Meeting Points in Modern Cities,

Peter Kirk Memorial Fund.

Teaching Activities+


Design Studio - Urban mobility living labs – designing cross-sectorial projects for better connectivity and accessibility, Technical University of Berlin (winter semester, with dr Oliver Lah)


Design Studio - Urban Change Makers: Rethinking multimodal urban mobilities, Technical University of Berlin (summer semester, with dr Oliver Lah) 


Input lectures: SciencesPo Paris (2022); Technische Universität Dortmund (2021); SOLUTIONSplus e-module (2021); Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa (2020); Helwan University, Cairo (2019); School of Architecture and Planning – University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (2019); Bauhaus University Weimar (2018); Technical University of Berlin – Wits-TUB Urban Lab summer schools (2017, 2019); GIZ/VPUU/ACC training course, Cape Town, South Africa (2015).


European Project Semester, International Faculty of Engineering/ Technical University of Łódź (summer semester, with dr Malgorzata Hanzl)



Galuszka, J. (2021). Co-production-between service delivery strategy and urban governance transformation approach.

TU-Berlin, 10.14279/depositonce-9697


Ed. (2011) The New Center od Lodz. EC1 Lodz - Miasto Kultury.


Book contributions

(2017) Evidence-based Planning and Housing Approaches Bias: Methodological Alternatives for Broadening Policy Options in Mass Housing Programs, ed.: Garland A. Urban Perspectives: Climate Change, Migration, Planning and Financing. Washington D.C: Wilson Center, USAID, 64-85.

(2011) Lodz city centre reconstruction project in the context of its sociospatial characteristic. The New Center of Lodz. p. 5-35.


Refereed articles in English

(2021) Transcending path dependencies: Why the study of post-socialist cities needs to capitalise on the discussion on urbanisation in the South (and vice versa). Urban Studies, 00420980211047182.

(2021) Galuszka, J., Martin, E., Nkurunziza, A., Achieng’Oginga, J., Senyagwa, J., Teko, E., & Lah, O.  East Africa’s Policy and Stakeholder Integration of Informal Operators in Electric Mobility Transitions—Kigali, Nairobi, Kisumu and Dar es Salaam. Sustainability, 13(4), 1703.

(2020) Beyond the decay? Positive patterns in the development of a large housing estate: the case of Olechów-Janów district in Łódź, Poland. Urban Research & Practice, 1-25. https://doi.org/10.1080/17535069.2020.1782459

(2020) Adapting to informality: multistory housing driven by a co-productive process and the People’s Plans in Metro Manila, Philippines. https://doi.org/10.3828/idpr.2020.8

(2019) Co-Production as a driver of urban governance transformation? The case of the Oplan LIKAS Programme in Metro Manila, Philippines. Planning Theory & Practice, 20(3), 395-419. https://doi.org/10.1080/14649357.2019.1624811

(2019) What makes urban governance co-productive? Contradictions in the current debate on co-production. Planning Theory, 18(1), 143-160.

(2017) Examining patterns of policy change in a post-socialist city: the evolution of inner-city regeneration approaches in Łódź, Poland, after 1989. Town Planning Review88(6), 639-664.

with Tali Cassidy, Melikaya Ntshingwa, Richard Matzopoulos (2015) Questioning of a Cape Town Safety Intervention as a Model for Good Practice: A Partnership between Researchers, Community and Implementing AgencyInternational Journal of Security & Development, 4(1): 27. p. 1-12.

(2014) Community-based approaches to settlement upgrading as manifested through the big ACCA projects in Metro Manila, Philippines. Environment and Urbanization, vol. 26(1).

(2013) Multicultural past as hope for the future? Spatial representations of the history of Lodz as an attempt to transform the city’s image and identityEce-urban - Lviv Centre for Urban History of East Central Europe, no. 11.

(2012) Housing provision and improvement programs for low income populations in the developing world. A review of approaches and their significance in the European context. Bulletin of Geography 2(18)/2012: 29-38.


Refereed articles in Polish

(2011) Local culture – global culture. Transformation of musical creativity in the context of cultural globalization. Culture-History-Globalization, 1 (9)/2011. p.21-33.

(2010) Local creation as reflected in contemporary popular music. Humanistic Review, 1/2010, p.105-123.

(2009) Space of manifestation: how graffiti transforms urban space. Regional and Local Studies (Polish Section of Regional Studies Association), 1(35)/2009, p.110-126.


Other articles and publications in English

(2018). Civil society and public sector cooperation: Case of Oplan LIKAS.​ Policy Note, Philippine Institute for Development Studies, No. 2018-10

(2013) Community-based approaches towards upgrading of informal settlements: Alternative strategies and recommendations for policymaking. Policy Note, Philippine Institute for Development Studies  2013-03.


Other articles and publications in Polish

(2011) Social aspects of the revitalization of the Lodz Fabryczna railway station area. Urban Planning Review, 1/2011.

(2010) The New Centre of Lodz project as a cause of enhancing a city's metropolitan functions. Library of Statistical News.

(2009) Lodz transformations at the beginning of XXI century. Lodz City Chronicle, 4/2009, p.72-80.

(2009) Culture and space. On the path to cities' renaissance. Culture of the City, 2-3/2009, p. 37-46.

Conference Lectures+

(2021) Discourses and imaginaries of development in a secondary Central European City – the case of New Centre of Łódź mega project. RC21 Online Conference 'Sensing the City. Place, People, Power', University of Antwerp.

(2019) Co-production of low-income, multi-storey housing between the urban poor and public sector. An insight into urban-poor driven land and housing access strategy in Metro Manila, Philippines, Shareland Colloquium /Wohnforum, ETH Zurich

(2017) Where is the study of post-soviet cities positioned and why it needs to capitalize on the discussion on urbanization in 'the South': Politecnico di Milano: 'N-AERUS conference. What urban in a hyper-connected Global South?'

(2017) Does evidence data inform policies? Transformation of housing delivery approaches in South Africa and the Philippines in the last 25 years, Ardhi University, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania: 'IAPS Symposium'.

with Jennifer van der Bussche (2016) Facilitating Change in Participatry Ways, Cite Flasco / Technical University of Berlin / University of Witwatersrand, Quito, Ecuador: 'Transforming Postgraduate Education and New Approaches Towards Capacity Building'.

(2009) Sociological research in the context of city spatial reconstruction, Center of Lodz as an Instrument of Metropolitan Strategy of City and Region, Regional Chamber of Architects, New, Lodz, Poland.

(2009) Metropolization processes on an example of New Center of Lodz, Metropolization Processes in Scientific Theory and in Practice, Institute of Demography and Statistics, University of Lodz and Statistics Office in Lodz, Lodz, Poland.

(2009) New Center of Lodz - space of culture as a city revival factor? Alternative Culture(s) and Urban Space, International Alternative Culture Center (Hungary) and Urban Laboratory at European Humanities University (Lithuania) in cooperation with Central European University and McMaster University (Canada),  Budapest, Hungary.

(2006) Symbolic manifestations of a space in a city, International student conference on the topic of Borders, University of Lodz, University of Magdeburg and University of Wroclaw, Lodz, Poland.

(2005) Relations between mainstream and perhipery on an example of musical subcultures, International student conference Relations between center and periphery, University of Wroclaw, University of Magdeburg and University of Lodz, Wroclaw, Poland.

Conference Panel Organization and Moderations

with Aditya Kumar (2021) Knowledge Creation in Informal Settlements: The Process, Ethics and Outputs of Co-Productive and Community-Led Research Methods.  '1st International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability'.  Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability/University of Botswana.

with Sonja Lakic (2019) '1989-2019 CEE urban transformation revisited: city visions, self-made transitions and alternative development models', Three Decades of Post-Socialist Transition, TU Darmstadt

Invited Lectures+

(2022) La co-production d’immeubles populaires, une etude de cas á Manille; Co-polis seminar: Co-production sociale de la villle et recherché citoyenne. Co-polis seminar – Laboratoire Architecture, Ville, Urbanisme, Environnement, Paris.

(2021) Informal/formal hybridity in the ‘Northern’ housing systemsThe Economy and Society research cluster seminarUniversity of Oxford.

(2020) Mastering transitions - Global dialogue and local participation opportunities, World Urban Forum X, Abu Dhabi (roundtable discussion)

(2019) Academic International Cooperation in the Global South – Wits-TUB Lab, RealCityLab: Practice Orientation in Architectural Education - Closing Symposium, DAAD, Cairo.

(2019) Co-production: between service delivery strategy and urban governance transformation approach. Experiences from Metro Manila, Faces of the City Seminar, Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg

(2018) Urban governance in an exclusionary socio-political context of Metro Manila: Urban Talk, Floating University, Berlin.

(2017) Evidence-based planning and housing approaches bias. Methodological alternatives for broadening policy options in mass housing programs. Reducing Urban Poverty Seminar, Wilson Center/World Bank, Washington D.C.


Grants, Awards and Fellowships+

Walter Benjamin Fellowship, DFG - Oxford University/LAVUE ‘New precarious settlements, informality-formality continuum and the housing access question in Europe’

May 2020                  
TUB grant for exploratory study: Climate change responsive housing in a self-build and incremental context (postponed due to COVID-19)

February 2020            
Erasmus + teaching mobility, Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Cape Town, South Africa

Erasmus + Teaching Mobility, Helewan University, Egypt

City of Vienna and Internationale Bauausstellung Wien 2022: funding for Vienna International Summer School – Transformations of Large Scale Housing

Finalist of the Graduate Student Urban Poverty Paper Competition sponsored by the Wilson Center, the World Bank, USAID, Cities Alliance and IHC-Global.

September 2015
DAAD co-funding award for SLE International Development Cooperation: Training for Trainers (Humboldt University of Berlin).

August 2014
DAAD co-funding award for SLE International Development Cooperation: Training in Disaster Risk Reduction (Humboldt University of Berlin).

2010 – 2012
European Commission, Erasmus Mundus, Category B scholarship for Master Studies in International Cooperation and Urban Development/Urbanism, Habitat and International Cooperation.

2010 – 2012
DAAD scholarship for Master Studies in International Cooperation and Urban Development.

July – October 2008
Peter Kirk Travel Scholarship/Peter Kirk Memorial Fund project funding: Space of Festing, Space of Art, Cultural and Urban Contexts of Meeting Points in Modern Cities.

2007 – 2008
Socrates Erasmus, Sociology
(Sakarya University, Turkey).

Professional and Academic Affiliations+

RC21 Research Committee

Network Association of European Researcher on Urbanization in the South.
Steering Committee (2018-2021)

DAAD Alumni Association.

Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association.