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Bettina Bauerfeind

Bettina Bauerfeind


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Curriculum Vitae

Bettina Bauerfeind has been coordinating the Urban Design Master Reform at the Habitat Unit since October 2014. Bettina holds a diploma in architecture with a focus on urban design from the TU Berlin. Since 2011, she has been teaching and researching at the Urban Design and Research Laboratory and is currently involved in a research project exploring action patterns in the context of ephemeral urbanism in Germany, investigating new formats of cooperative production of urban space and decision-making patterns between municipal management, private urban development partners and the civil society. In the years 2010 to 2013, she was also coordinating the Urban Design Dual Degree Master Program in cooperation with Shanghai and teaching classes in international urbanism as an associate researcher at the Habitat Unit.


Diploma in Architecture (Dipl.-Ing), TU Berlin
(Thesis) Sub-Urban-Sub-Rural - Urbanisation of the rural regions, Santiago de Chile. (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. P. Herrle, Prof. E. Pizarro).

Employment History+

Since 2014
Coordinator Urban Design Master Reform, TU Berlin
Development and assessment of new inter- and transdisciplinary didactic teaching formats

Since 2011
Lecturer and Researcher
Urban Research and Design Laboratory, TU Berlin       

2011 – 2013
Research Associate Architecture & Urban Design
Habitat Unit, Prof. Dr. Herrle, TU Berlin

2010 – 2012
Urban Design Master Program, Prof. Dr. Bodenschatz, TU Berlin

Teaching Activities+

Since 2014
Research & design studio: Wer Macht Stadt? Vor Ort Labor am Ostkreuz. Urban Research and Design Laboratory (in situ cooperation with a citizen initiative: planning a citizen workshop at the Ostkreuz, Berlin)

2012 – 2014
Research & design studios 1+2+3: Wer Macht Stadt? Von Anderen Lernen. Case study research in five different German cities (Berlin, Frankfurt M., Mannheim, Leipzig, Hamburg) on temporary urban development projects and cooperative local urban development strategies, Urban Research and Design Laboratory (in cooperation with the Wüstenrotstiftung)

Design studio: Schindler Award 2012 - Access for All. Habitat Unit, Department for international Urbanism and Design (in collaboration with Dipl.-Ing. Christos Stremmenos/Prof. Hascher, supervision of the student's participation in the competition, students won 1, 2 and 5th price)

Summer school/Workshop: 48 hrs Neukölln, Interventions in public space, Visions and ideas for the Karl-Marx-Str., Neukölln Berlin. Urban Research and Design Laboratory (with Katharina Rohde, Artist)

WS 2011/2012
Seminar: Urban Paradigms - Theory & Practice in international Urbanism, core issues of contemporary urban planning and design in today's alleged 'urban age'. Habitat Unit, Department for international Urbanism and Design

Research & design studio: Integrative Quartiersentwicklung Nordneukölln, Designing for Multi-ethnical societies, North Neukölln/Tempelhofer Feld. Urban Research and Design Laboratory



with Paola Alfaro d‘Alençon and Daniela Konrad (2015) Ephemere Stadtentwicklung - neue Handlungsspielräume in der Planungskultur. Universitätsverlag TU Berlin, Berlin.


Refereed articles

with Paola Alfaro d‘Alençon and Daniela Konrad (2014) Das Ephemere in der Stadtentwicklung. In: Planerin, (4).

with Josefine Fokdal (2011) Bridging Urbanities: Reflections on Urban Design in Shanghai and Berlin. In: Fokdal, J. ed. Series: HABITAT - INTERNATIONAL (17).


Convened Conferences

with Paola Alfaro d'Alençon and Daniela Konrad (2014) Symposium: Ephemere Stadtentwicklung - neue Handlungsspielräume in der Planungskultur, TU Berlin, funded by Wüstenrot Stiftung, with support of Bundesstiftung Baukultur.


Conference Papers

(2015) The City and the Land, International Itinerant Workshop, Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

(2015) Urban Manifestos from the expended field of architecture, design and urbanism, ADU_2020: The Restructuring of Higher Education for the 21st Century, ALFA program EU, Valdivia/Santiago de Chile.

(2014) Creative Adjacencies, ADU_2020, ALFA program EU, KU Leuven Ghent, Belgium.

(2013) Live Projects- Laboratories for Change? Towards sustainable teaching methodologies in applied urban settings. Universität Stuttgart.

(2012) Community Design Center Strategies as Tools for Supporting Affordable Housing - Learning from Experiences in Berlin, Milan and New York City. Experimentdays 2012, Berlin.

(2012) Poiesis & Innovación, International Workshop collaboration, Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, Chile.

Invited Lectures+

(2013) Designing for Multi-ethnical societies - Potentials of integrative urban design approaches trough the cooperation of higher education institutions and practice in Berlin Neukölln, Lecture for the Summer Academy ARS 13 at Beuth Hochschule, Berlin

(2012) Urban Design Dual Degree Program - Challenges and Opportunities, DAAD project management conference, Berlin

(2012) Sozial integratives Wohnen in Nordneukölln - Studentische Visionen für die Quartiersentwicklung in Nordneukölln am Rande und auf der Tempelhofer Freiheit. SPD Neukölln Rixdorf, Berlin

with Paola Alfaro d'Aleçon (2012) A merge between academia and practise to cope with urban complexity,  The Urbanlab, Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, Chile.

Grants, Awards, and Fellowships+

Thesis Research Grant, German Academic Exchange Service
awarded for field research in Santiago de Chile/Chile

Building Energy-Management Sponsorship Award, WILO Stiftung

Other Projects+

Since 2014
Member of the GrandCosmos e.V.