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X-Student Research Group WiSe 2023/24
Dr. Jakub Galuszka, Lucas Elsner 

Navigating the Housing Crisis 
Investigating informal housing arrangements in Berlin through biographies of newcomers.

The housing crisis in Berlin has reached unprecedented levels. The opportunity to secure accommodation is particularly challenging for newcomers in Berlin, including low-income groups, people with freelance and temporary contracts and students. Unable to meet the increasing financial and administrative requirements, these groups are increasingly resorting to informal housing arrangements. So far, this seemingly ever-growing phenomenon has received some media attention, but has not been thoroughly researched. 

Photo: © https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wohnraum_ist_keine_Ware!_on_the_wall_of_Genter_Strasse_54_in_Berlin.jpeg

The research group aims to address this gap by exploring how the new facets of the housing crisis and 'hidden housing markets' play out in the context of Berlin. Through a combination of methods including interviews, mapping and documentation of living conditions and arrangements, we will address this issue and analyse the housing trajectories of newcomers to the city. The research will include methods training, engagement with theory and an extended fieldwork phase, including interactions with housing experts and tenants. Students will be involved in every step of the research process, including its co-design, data collection and analysis.

The research group aims to generate knowledge about new informal housing arrangements and the situation of the respective tenants and their needs. The results of the research will be prepared for a small exhibition and presented to and discussed with stakeholders from tenants' organisations and planning practice. 

The course is a X-Student Research Group funded by the Berlin University Alliance.

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Course Information +

X-Student Research Group, 6 ECTS
Freie Wahl W
MA UD, MA Arch, MA SRP, MA Arch T 

First meeting
23. October 2022, 11.00 a.m.
Room: A606

Registration at the first meeting. Further information available:
jakub.galuszka@tu-berlin.de & l.elsner@tu-berlin.de

Teaching Staff
Dr. Jakub Galuszka
Lucas Elsner

Teaching Day
Schedule (block seminars, ca. 4h) starting at 11:00 st. on each seminar day.
Meeting 1: October 23 
Meeting 2: October 30 
Meeting 3: November 6 
Meeting 4: November 27 
Meeting 5: December 11 
Meeting 6: January 8 
Meeting 7: January 29 
Meeting 8: February 12