Habitat Unit

Publishing Workshop SoSe 2024
Lucas-Andrés Elsner, Dr. Jakub Galuszka 

Navigating the Housing Crisis II
Publishing Workshop

The housing crisis in Berlin has reached unprecedented levels. The opportunity to secure accommodation is particularly challenging for newcomers in Berlin, including low-income groups, people with freelance and temporary contracts and students. Unable to meet the increasing financial and administrative requirements, these groups are increasingly resorting to informal housing arrangements. So far, this seemingly ever-growing phenomenon has received some media attention, but has not been thoroughly researched.

The seminar addresses this gap by exploring how the new facets of the housing crisis and 'hidden housing markets' play out in the context of Berlin. Through a combination of methods including interviews, mapping and documentation of living conditions and arrangements, we will address this issue and analyse the housing trajectories of newcomers to the city. Based on the materials produced in the previous semester, this course will deal with issues of presenting and communicating the research results. 

This is the second part of the course. During this semester, participants will work on a publication and develop formats to present the results of the first part of the course, in which students conducted empirical fieldwork. The course is only open to students who have already participated in the first course in the winter semester 2023/2024.

Course Information+

First meeting
Friday, 19th of April
11:00 am, online

Teaching Day
The course will be taught in a small number of intense workshops. The exact schedule will be discussed with the group in the first meeting.

Teaching Staff
Lucas-Andrés Elsner
Dr. Jakub Galuszka (HafenCity Universität Hamburg)

Please contact the teaching staff in case you are interested to participate in the course. The course is open to students that participated in the first part of the course in the winter semester 2023/2024.