Habitat Unit

SEMINAR, WS 2014/2015
Dr. Paola Alfaro d´Alençon

Understanding Urbanization

Tied to the lecture course ‘Global City Local Spaces’, this primarily reading- and discussion-based seminar aims to fa- miliarize students with some of the core issues of contemporary urban studies in today’s ’urban age’. In particular, it will broaden and deepen students’ understanding concerning 

1) the key urban challenges facing the world in the twenty-first century; 
2) the major processes shaping urbanization and urban change across the globe; 
3) the major debates concerning the state and development of cities today; 
4) the implications of these challenges, processes and debates for the built environment disciplines. 

WS 1415 -Understanding urbanization- Poster

A core tenet of the course is to develop an environment in which students can learn from each other and feel encouraged to enhance their critical thinking, as well as their analytical and discussion skills. To this end, the course will utilize a variety of different means of learning, incl. reading-based discussions, team presentations, response papers and group exercises.

Course Information+

Seminar, 3 or 6 ECTS
MA UD: P 2 iV
MA Arch: WP(6) HAB.05 SE

Teaching days
Tuesdays 10 am - 2 pm,  A 606

First meeting
October 14, 2014, 10 am - 2 pm,  A 606

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Dr. Paola Alfaro d’Alençon

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