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Nomad City - Improving Ger settlements in Ulaan-Baatar, Mongolia

In the last decade, some 600.000 migrants have settled in the periphery of Ulaan-Baatar, the capital of Mongolia. The migrants are former nomads with a pastoral culture who moved to the city in search for a better life and need to adapt to a completely different environment. Many newly settled families still live in Yurts, the traditional Mongolian nomadic felt tents. 65% of the population of Ulaan-Baatar now live in the resulting informal neighbourhoods, known as Ger settlements, which lack infrastruc¬ture and basic services. Families have uncertain tenure and poor access to jobs.

WS 2013/2014 - Nomad City - Poster

The Design Project will explore the potentials for improvement of a peri-central Ger settlement in the district of Yarmag, in three lines of research and intervention: a) investigation of spatial patterns, community organization and social processes; b) community-driven up-grading strategies; c) affordable collective housing typologies. The main focus will be placed on the cultural and social background of the local community as a source for appropriate solutions.

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Design Studio, 12 ECTS 
MA UD: PJ 1-3 EP

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Thursdays 10 am - 4 pm, Studio A 202

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July15, 2014, 12 am, Sekr. A 624

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