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Prof. Dr. Philipp MisselwitzRenato d´Alençon Castrillón

Refugees in the City, Cooking with Refugees in Berlin

Basic needs take on a substantially different importance when confronted with extreme situations. In the case of refugees, along with coping with a new social context, regularizing a legal status, finding a job, etc., feeding your family is a pressing need, every day. But cooking and sharing a meal is at the same a moment for building ties within the family and the community, for cultivating the customs of the land left behind, for restoring body and soul.

“Refugees in the City: community kitchens in Berlin” will explore the world of the refugees and asylum seekers in Berlin taking the cultural, social and practical dimensions of shared cooking as a starting point from which to develop architectural and urban design solutions on variety of scales: Proposals may range from kitchen furniture, communal spaces, the organization of refugee housing and refugee-driven urban economies. The work will be based on direct experience with refugee communities and the documentation of their needs.

SS 2015 Refugees Poster

This Module can be complemented with the Projekintegrierte Veranstaltung (PiV) “The policies of practice orientation” offered in framework of the Urban Lab+ Project and is bundled with the STO-Stiftung funded initiative “Kitchen Hub”, which will work in the implementation of a Community Kitchen in Berlin during the Summer of 2015 under the methodology of Design Build, to be conducted in cooperation with CoCoon - contextual construction.

Course Information+

Design Studio, 12 ECTS (UD / SRP) or 15 ECTS (Arch)
MA UD: PJ 1-3 EP
MA Arch: E.05 PJ (+Vertiefung)
MA SRP: PJ 1-3

Teaching day
Thursday, 2 pm - 7 pm, A 202

First meeting
April 16, 2015, 2 pm, A 202


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