Habitat Unit

Seminar SoSe 2024
David Bauer, Rosa Hanhausen, Kevin Kimwelle

90% Plus: Recycled
A Collaboration with Bauhaus Earth & Experimental

The seminar offers a 5-day intensive design-build workshop with South African based architect and activist Kevin Kimwelle. Kevin is the founder of Indalo World, an NGO that uses alternative design to create high socio-economic and environmental impact through holistic work that integrates practice, academia, and activism. His works includes a community center made from 80% recycled elements, a home made from 90% reclaimed material from the motorcar industry, and exhibitions featuring 100% recycled waste materials for Alliance Française and Zeitz MOCAA. 

Photo: © Kevin Kimwelle 

At Bauhaus Earth’s LAB in Berlin, we will have a hands-on approach to the topics of circularity and urban mining by exploring together the art of working with reclaimed materials, such as gypsum boards, concrete, plaster, or wood;all of which make Kimwelle's recycled structures an inspiring pathway towards alternative futures. 

Besides the workshop, the course will include site visits to Berlin demolition sites guided and directed by the tutors, followed by a compact implementation phase that concludes with documentation of both the process and the findings through diagrams, drawings, mappings, and/or other media. The results of this seminar are to be included in a publication made in collaboration between Kevin Kimwelle, Bauhaus Earth, and Experimental, a non-profit organisation that fosters projects that aim to discover new territories in the field of architecture with the goal of changing how and with what we build.

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Course Information+

Block Seminar, 3 ECTS
Wahlpflicht WP
MA UD, MA Arch, MA Arch T 

Teching Day
27th of May - 31st of May 2024

First meeting
22nd of April 2024, 11 am
Room A507

Teaching Staff
David Bauer
Kevin Kimwelle
Rosa Hanhausen