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Curriculum Vitae

David Bauer (born 1986 in Jena / Germany) is research and teaching associate at Habitat Unit TU Berlin since 2019. His teaching and research focuses on Urban Development with emphasis on infrastructural provisioning, climate adaptation and scenario planning strategies. In his PhD he explores and evaluates a comprehensive methodology for teaching Urban Design through the concentration on infrastructure, large-technical and enviro-technical systems and their adaptation and transformation. Besides leading the introductory course for the Master Urban Design he is currently involved in the curation of the BB2040.de project - a collaborative platform project exploring #future #transformation processes in #BerlinBrandenburg from the perspective of #infrastructure. Together with Martin Pohl he co-founded the architectural consultancy and office Bauer+Pohl Projekte.International – dedicated to help clients in the spatial and organizational transformation of work their environments.

Employment History+

2019 - ongoing
Research & Teaching Associate at Habitat Unit
(Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz/on leave, Prof. Dr. Elke Beyer, Prof. Anke Hagemann)
2018 - 2019
Research & Teaching Associate at Chair for Urban Design (Prof. Jörg Stollmann)
Visiting Lecturer: Waseda University Tokyo, Japan (Prof. Dr. Watanabe Taishi)

Teaching Activities+

SS 2022 -
Seminar: BB2040 Atlas – Mapping (Future) Infrastructure
WS 2021/22
Studio - Urban Design: Urban Energy Landscapes
SS 2021
Studio Master Architecture:  BB2040 Transformation Laboratories (together with Urban Catalyst)
WS 2020/21
Studio - Urban Design: Berlin Brandenburg in touch (together with Chair for Urban Design)
PIV: The Neue Fuggerei (together with Chair Prof. Jacob vanRijs)
Urban Maestro Masterclass - New governance strategies for Urban Design - Lead Team 4: Room for the River (organized by Urban Maestro, UN-Habitat, UCLondon, Bouwmeesteremaîtredarchitecte Brussels)
SS 2020
Seminar: BB2040 – Mapping the Metropolis
WS 2019/2020
Studio - Urban Design: Berlin XX-XL (together with Chair for Urban Design)
SS 2019
Studio - Master Architecture: On Common Ground – Transformation of Cemeteries in Berlin (together with Natural Building Lab & Prinzessinnengärten)
Seminar: The Atomic Projects – Worldwide Nuclear Urbanism in the Wake of 1945
Summerschool: No-Image C (together with 51n4e; Grau; c/o now)
WS 2018/19
Studio - Urban Design: The Great Transformation
(together with Chair for Urban Design)
SS 2018
Studio: New Harajuku Train Hub – Waseda University Tokyo (together with Prof. Watanabe Taishi & Prof. Kego Kobayashi)
Summerschool: No-Image A & B (together with Bruther, Amunt, Atelier Fanelsa, Peaks, FAKT)
Summerschool : “Infield-Studio Santiniketan“ (in cooperation with University of Tokyo, Vadodara Design Academy and Visva Bharati, West-Bengal, India)

Further Positions+

Chairman (Mittelbau) of the training commission Urban Design; TU-Berlin



(2023 – in preparation) Uranium Centered Urbanism (together with Katerina Maréckova and Ludwig Thanhäuser)
(2023 – in preperation) BB2040 – Roadmap to a better Region (AT)
Magazine and Journals
(2010-14) Editor and Co-Founder of “Horizonte – Journal for Architectural Discourse” Volume 1-5; Weimar
Selected articles

(2020) Arch+ 242 Berlin Praxis „Wachstum als Chance – Berlin Siedlungsgeschichten“ (Co-Author)

(2020) Arch+ 241 Berlin Theorie: „Die globale Fabrik, Räume der Logistik und die letzte Meile in Berlin-Brandenburg“ (Co-Author)

(2020) Urban Maestro „Room for the River - Added value for people, place and planet“; United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-Habitat, University College London (UCL) - Bartlett School of Planning; Brussels Bouwmeester Maître Architecte

Grants, Awards and Fellowships+

DAAD Conference Travel Grant