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Summer School SoSe 2022
Dr. Hassan Elmouelhi, Prof. Dr. Elke Beyer, Prof. Anke Hagemann

Public Space in Palestinian Refugee Camps - Jordan

Integration through Collaboration

The summer school focuses on the integration of refugees living in cities, especially the relation between space and governance. By working with a real and complex case and getting in close contact with real relevant stakeholders (e.g., UNRWA, UN HABITAT, GIZ, DPA), the summer school includes practical activities involving applying collaborative design and participatory research tools with different user groups (e.g., youth, women, children), and the implementation of a simple intervention to improve a public space at Al Hosun Palestinian camp, Irbid, Jordan.

The fieldwork will focus on understanding the urban governance and the power relations between the Syrian refugees and their hosting community of Palestinian/Jordanians. Social and economic relations will be investigated in relation to use patterns of public space. Some concepts such as identity and the right to return would be discussed and investigated, relations between international development cooperation organizations in that context would be questioned.

SS2022 Summer School Integration Poster

The summer school is the second part of a workshop conducted in November 2021 in Jordan as a part of the research project “Building Refugees Integration through urban development and social work” (BRICK), funded by DAAD 2021/2022, in cooperation with Yarmouk University, coordinated by Dr. Hassan Elmouelhi.  It is supported by the research project “Beyond the Shelter: understanding limits and potentialities between emergence and endurance in refugee shelters in Berlin” funded by DFG 2020-2023, led by Dr. Juliana Canedo.
The summer school is integrated to the seminar “Integration through collaboration: Transforming spaces and practices”.

Photo: © Hassan Elmouelhi

Course Information+

Seminar, 3 ECTS

Travel Period
May 19th - 28th 2022
(excursion week)
First Meeting
14.05.2022 (tbc)


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