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Brick! DAAD, 2021 - 2022
Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz, Prof. Dr. Elke Beyer, Dr.-Ing. Hassan Elmouelhi

Building Refugees Integration through Urban Development and Social Work

Refugees relation to hosting communities within urban contexts has become a crucial needed research focus from different perspectives. For the coming two years, this project aims at bringing the Syrian refugee academics and students into the discourse of studying the relations of the hosting communities and the Syrian refugees in Jordanian urban context through workshops and training courses. It intends to build on our knowledge and the knowledge of the partners and their networks in dealing with the issue of supporting the integration of refugees in their hosting urban communities. The main objectives of this project would be achieved through understanding the lived experiences of Syrian refugees in different cities, with special focus on those who chose to live in the Palestinian camps, in particular, “Al-Husun Palestinian Camp” in Irbid as a case study.

Keeping in mind the German experience, and also bringing other neighboring countries (Lebanon and Egypt) as comparative cases of the relation between refugees and hosting communities, will enrich the discussion and knowledge exchange among researchers. We believe that such topic is still in need to be tackled from different perspectives. Through an inter/multidisciplinary approach, using different didactic tools, and including diverse disciplines: architecture, urban design, urban planning, urban development, Social work, and Anthropology. These concepts and methods would be discussed and implemented through the proposed academic activities that would include Syrian academics and students from both universities, and from other Jordanian, Lebanese and German universities as well, together with academics and practitioners from different backgrounds, to achieve a better quality of education and research in participating countries.

Call for Participants: BRICK! Workshops+

Building Refugees Integration through Urban Development and Social Work

Target Group:
Master & Bachelor students from different backgrounds: Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Urban Development, Social work, and Anthropology

- Department of Urban Development, TU Berlin, Campus El Gouna
- Department of Sociology and social work, Faculty of Art
- Department of Architecture Engineering, Hajawii Faculty of Technical Engineering,
Yarmouk University, Jordan

TU Berlin in Germany and YU in Jordan are organizing 2 workshops as part of the project “Building Refugees Integration through Urban Development and Social Work” funded by DAAD.
Selected participants will come together for the two workshops:
- 14-21 November 2021
Workshop in Jordan,
analyzing the case study of the Syrian refugees in “Al-Husun Palestinian Camp” in Irbid
- 1st week of December 2021
Workshop at TU Berlin - Germany
It is encouraged that applying students can attend both workshops, but it is not a must.

Participation in the Workshops includes a one week trip to Jordan and one week trip to Germany. The costs of the trips are covered by the project

To apply, send the following documents:
- CV
- Motivation Letter
through the online application form

For inquiries 
Email: elmouelhi@tu-berlin.de, Ayat.n@yu.edu.jo
Deadline for application: 6 October 2021
For further information on the project, please visit: http://habitat-unit.de/en/research/brick

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Hassan Elmouelhi
Habitat Unit, Room A 622
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Institute for Architecture, TU Berlin
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Funded By+

Hochschulkooperationen mit Jordanien und dem Libanon zur Unterstützung von syrischem Hochschulpersonal


Academic Partners+

Department of Urban Development
TU Berlin, Campus El Gouna

Department of Sociology and social work
Faculty of Art
Yarmouk University, Jordan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayat Nashwan

Department of Architecture Engineering
Hajawii Faculty of Technical Engineering
Yarmouk University, Jordan
Assistant Prof. Dr. Marwa Al Khalidi

Department of Architecture
Notre Dame University, Lebanon
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Christine Mady and Dr. Kristin Samra


Kick-off event, April 12, 2021
Official launching of the Project