Habitat Unit

Habitat Unit, Projektwerkstatt, 2015
Felix Wierschbitzki, Beatrice Termeer


Our main focus lies in the cooperation and exchange between all process participants and actors, including refugees. Hence, we aim to develop strategies that enable a common life in a more humane manner. Therefore, it is inevitable for all actors of conflict to participate. At present, politics tend to accommodate refugees in decentralised urban periphery camps. 


Facing this current undesirable situation, we aim to set new impulses on how to respond to needs and requirements and how to improve the current living conditions.

Within our project workshop we will analyse the existing structures, invite guest speakers from different subjects, enter into contact with refugees to share experiences and create a platform of communication to raise awareness on this sensitive topic, which will then result in practical action.

The project is funded with an  internal Fund by Habitat-Unit.


Felix Wierschbitzki and Beatrice Termeer

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