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June 1 2022, 6.00 pm | Floating University, Lilienthalstraße 32 10965 Berlin


Non-Conforming and Collective Spaces


Antje Buchholz & Alice Chauchat


The urban talk series at floating university is a joint public lecture and discussion event organized by Habitat Unit/TU Berlin with the Design Studio „Safer City, Safer Housing?“ (Dr. Anna Steigemann/Dr. Christian Haid) and the BA Thesis Seminar „Collective housing at Berlin’s city borders” (Dr. Moritz Ahlert) and UdK studio raumproduktion’s seminar „Talking about collectivities and inclusion in housing“ (Prof. Markus Bader).


The lecture series adresses different aspects of collective and alternative housing for marginalized groups, such as for refugees, the queer community or for the urban poor, asking what solidary and urban commons models, practices, strategies, approaches, and spaces can be understood as possible catalysts for a larger urban and societal transformation towards a just city.

Urban Talk #35 Antje Buchholz & Alice Chauchat

Antje Buchholz (she/her)

Antje Buchholz is a Berlin-based architect and founding member of BARarchitekten. From 2016- 2019 she was a visiting professor at the Dessau International Architecture Graduate School (DIA), Hochschule Anhalt. In 2012 she received a Villa Massimo scholarship by the German Academy of Rome. BARarchitekten works at the intersection of research and practice with a specific interest in concepts for mixeduse and models for alternative urban development.

The lecture “Mischen possible” gives an insight into the practice of BARarchitekten and shows the attempt to explore new potentials for the combination of living and working on the project Oderberger Straße 56. The interplay between building structure, use and organisational aspects such as the legal framework and financing will be addressed, thus stimulating a discussion about the expanded role of the architect.

Alice Chauchat (she/her)

Alice Chauchat is a dancer and choreographer. In her work she creates structures and practices for collective engagement. She is also part of the Kumi*13, a house project part of the Mietshäuser Syndikat (MHS). In her talk, Alice will present the Mietshäuser Syndikat’s model for (non)ownership and selfmanagement, then focus on the concrete case of the Kumi*13 in order to open up issues of group building, decision processes, and the elastic heterogeneities that make these both exciting and challenging.

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