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May 22, 2018 | 10.30 Uhr | A 624

Engaged Teaching

Design-Build projects, participatory design and community engagement in architectural education.

In recent years, courses in design-build and participatory design have become extremely popular in architectural training at many universities and moreover, many new institutes, specialized in design-build projects have been opened. Many of the small scale projects undertaken in this context provided solutions for local problems.

These programs are particularly common in North America, where participatory design is one of the most popular courses, also often mandatory in order to get architectural certificate. This example of social architecture very often easily gains public engagement and participation. Rare occurrence of design-build projects in the university context and the gap in theory of design-build as a teaching method in architectural education at European/German universities became the reason for Anne Florence Seele and Anna Wilk-Pham to investigate this teaching methodology.

Accurate research of the North American design-build programmes followed by the research excursion enabled comparison of the European and international teaching methodology and location of potential conflicts and problems from students perspective. It history shows that the completion of design-build projects often delivered many positive outcomes - students gain learning that is relevant to their studies and the community/clients achieve their objectives. The brown bag lecture will introduce practical form of engaged teaching through design-build studios as a teaching format based on analysis of selected case studies and criteria. 

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