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Lukas Pappert (M.Sc.)


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Curriculum Vitae

Lukas Pappert has been a researcher at Habitat Unit since August 2022. He is part of the Urban Rural Assembly (BMBF, 2019-2024) research team, looking at inclusive transformationto sustainability processes at urban-rural interfaces in China and Germany. With an integrated spatial research approach, Lukas explores interdisciplinary interrelations within the URA project. Furthermore, he applies and critically revises the “Raumbild method” as a cooperative strategic planning tool. His research aims to further develop and sharpen transdisciplinary methods and tools, and transfer them to international planning and stakeholder contexts.

Lukas studied Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Kassel, and Urban Design at Technical University Berlin. Before joining Habitat Unit, he was employed as a project leader at Urban Catalyst GmbH in Berlin, where he mainly worked in the fields of urban development strategies, participation processes and urban research.


M.Sc., Urban Design
TU Berlin
Master of Science (M. Sc.)

B.Sc., Urban- and Regional Planning
University of Kassel
Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

Employment History+

Since 2022
Research Associate
Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

Urban Designer
Urban Catalyst GmbH, Berlin

Internship & Student Assistant
Urban Catalyst GmbH, Berlin

Research projects+

Urban-Rural Assembly (BMBF, 2019-2024)
Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

Post-Corona-Stadt: Ideen und Konzepte für die resiliente Stadtentwicklung‘ (BBSR, 2020-2024)
Urban Catalyst GmbH, Berlin

Erfolgsstrategien und Hemmnisse bei der Umsetzung Integrierter Stadtentwicklungskonzepte
(BBSR, 2021-2022)
Urban Catalyst GmbH, Berlin

Teaching activities+

(2022) invited lecture and guest critic: ‘Raumbilder and other approaches to cooperative strategic
MA Seminar ‘StadtLandschaft Transformation’
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen, Germany

(2022) guest critic: MA Studio ‘Tomorrowland II’
Chair for Urbanism & Design, TU Dresden, Germany

(2021) invited lecture: ‘strategic planning approaches’
MA Studio ‘This One BB2040 - Transformation Laboratory’
Habitat Unit, TU Berlin, Germany

(2021) guest critic: MA Studio ‘Cities of Practice’
Chair for Urbanism &; Design, TU Dresden, Germany

(2020 – 2021) two guest critics: MA Studio ‘Heimat Hafen’
Chair for Urbanism &; Design, TU Dresden, Germany

(2020) guest critic: MA Studio ‘Spatial Commons (10.2) - Mitten im Gemeinwohl? Planwerk
Innenstadt Reloaded’
Chair for Urban Design and Urbanization, TU Berlin, Germany

(2020) invited lecture and guest critic: ‚Approaches to strategic planning using the example of
INSEK Angermünde’
MA Studio ‚Quartier Umbau – Lübbenau‘
Chair for Urban Planning, BTU Cottbus, Germany

(2019 – 2020) three guest critics: MA Studio ‘Tomorrowland’
Chair for Urbanism &; Design, TU Dresden, Germany



(2017) Pelger, D., Kaspar, A., Stollmann, J. (eds.), Klever, P., Klotz, S., Pappert, L., Schulze, J.,

Spatial Commons: Urban Open Spaces as a Resource
Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin. Berlin


(2021) First Poly-urban Waters International Conference: Polycentric management of urban waters in fast-growing cities and peri-urban areas in Southeast Asia.
Input: ‚Urban transformation processes – strategic planning and participatory planning tools‘

(2019) Concrete Transformation Festival, Stolpe. Invited Panelist: Land*Stadt Transformation
gestalten – Erfahrungsberichte, Sichtweisen, Diskussion‘