Habitat Unit

Student Assistant

Luisa Izi Paul



Habitat Unit, Room A 624
T + 49 – 30 – 314 – 21908
F + 49 – 30 – 314 – 21907

Curriculum Vitae

Luisa Izi Paul has started working as a student assistant at Habitat Unit supporting the teaching team in November 2021.

Izi is completing her Bachelor studies in urban and regional planning at the Institute of urban and regional planning (ISR) at TU Berlin. Her interests lay in socio-spatial characteristics of different economies, especially of neoliberalism and socialism as well as co-productive / community (urban) design.



Summersemester 2021
Guest-Student Bachelor of Urbanism

Since 2019
B.Sc. Urban and regional planning, ISR TU Berlin


Employment History+

Since November 2022
Student Assistant Z-Project and method-lab
At CRC 1265 / Refiguration of Space
TU Berlin

Since November 2021
Sudent Assistant, Habitat Unit, IFA, TU Berlin