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Dr. Li Fan 

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Room A 409 
T + 49 – 30 – 314 – 21830 

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Fan studied Urban Planning at Tongji University and received Ph.D. from Habitat Unit, Technical University of Berlin with summa cum laude. Dr. Fan has worked both as a practitioner and a researcher in China and in Germany. She served as a heritage consultant for conservation and regeneration projects funded by national and international institutions, including UNDP and ADB. She is a German Chancellor Fellow, a DAAD fellow and the board member of International Association of World Heritage Professionals. Her ongoing research interests are urban regeneration in China and in Germany.


Doctor of Philosophy, Habitat Unit, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Master of Arts, World Heritage Studies, Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany, 

Bachelor of Science, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, China

Employment History+

Senior researcher, Habitat Unit, TU Berlin,

Senior researcher, Department of urban regeneration, University of Kassel

Urban planner, Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute

Tibet development and poverty alleviation programs, UNDP

Pre-feasibility study of urban upgrading in the Yangzhou Old Town, Jiangsu Province, China, ADB

Research Projects+

Urban-rural Assembly: Managing inclusive transformation-to-sustainability processes at the urban-rural interface of the Huangyan-Taizhou region in China. 

Made in China? Konzepte der Stadtteilentwicklung auf Industriekonversionsflächen in chinesischen Küstenmetropolen.

Housing policy and urban regeneration; rehabilitation of lilong houses in Shanghai, Technical University Berlin.

Urban Heritage Conservation: A Comparative Study between China and Germany.


Edited Journals

(2021) (in print) Yan Tang, Bernd Scholl and Li Fan (eds.) Perspectives of Urban Regeneration Policies in West European Countries. Urban Planning International (guoji chengshi guihua).(唐燕, Bernd Scholl, 范利,《国际城市规划》特别专辑“西欧国家城市更新政策”)

Book Chapters

(2020) Li Fan, Urban and rural spatial planning system and strategies in Germany. In China Urban Planning Society (ed.), Guidelines of Developing Academic Discipline of Urban and Rural Planning in China. Beijing: China Science and Technology Press, 232-246.(德国城乡开发控制体系及方法研究,中国科学技术协会主编《城乡规划学科技术路线路》,中国科学技术出版社,232-246页。)

(2007) Li Fan “Master conservation plan as a contribution to heritage management in China: A case study of the old town of Lijiang”. In: Marie-Theres Albert, Roland Bernecker, Diego Gutierrez Perez, Nalini Thakur and Zhang Nairen (eds.), Training Strategies for World Heritage Management. Bonn: German Commission for UNESCO.

(2007) Li Fan, Edouard Moreau, Michael Schweizer and Ebru Seckin, “Supporting diversity and encouraging integration”, in: 16th Young Planning Professionals Report in 42th ISoCaRP World Congress in Istanbul, Hague: ISOCARP. 

Refereed Articles 

(2021) Li Fan, Uwe Altrock and Yan Tang, State-led urban regeneration through funding program in Germany. In Yan Tang, Bernd Scholl and Li Fan (eds.) Perspectives of Urban Regeneration Policies in West European Countries. Urban Planning International (guoji chengshi guihua).

(2014) Li Fan International influence and local response: Understanding community involvement in urban heritage conservation in China. International Journal of Heritage Studies. DOI:10.1080/13527258.2013.834837.


2021 “Responsible planner for neighborhood regeneration in Beijing”, N-AERUS conference: How to plan in a world of uncertainty? Berlin

2021 Workshop, “Dislocating Urban Studies”, Mälmo University and University of Helsinki

2008, 44th ISoCaRP World Congress in Dalian, China

(2008) Fourth session of the World Urban Forum, Nanjing, China

(2006) 42nd ISOCARP World Congress in Istanbul, Turkey

(2005) ICOMOS 15th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium at Xi’an, China

Invited Lectures+

(2021) “Academic career in Germany for foreign researchers”. Career Center of TU Berlin.

(2021) “Decentralized Ruhr region in transformation”. University of Melbourne.

(2021) “Ideology, challenge and opportunities: Architecture and urban heritage conservation in China”. China Summit of Warwick University.

(2020) “The rigidity and flexibility of B-plan in Germany”. Changchun: Annual Urban Planning Congress in China

(2009) “Urban heritage conservation in China”. Twenty-year Anniversary of German Chancellor Scholarship. Federal Foreign Office

Grants, Awards, and Fellowships+

DAAD scholarship

German Chancellor Scholarship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Travelling Scholarship, Getty Foundation

Professional and Academic Affiliations+

Board member, International Association of World Heritage Professionals

Lifetime member, International Society of City and Regional Planners

Member, ICOMOS Germany

Member, Vereinigung für Stadt-, Regional- und Landesplanung

Member, Trialog