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Francesca Ceola


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Curriculum Vitae

Francesca Ceola joined Habitat Unit in August 2022 as PhD candidate. She is also research assistant at the CRC1265 “Re-Figuration of Spaces” sub-project C08 Architectures of Asylum. Departing from the analysis of forcibly displaced individuals’ negotiations for emplacement in three cities - Berlin, Amman, and Lagos - her research focuses on mapping the intersections between forced displacement, makeshift urbanisms, migrant infrastructures, and socio-ecological urban landscapes based on counter and hybrid mapping methodologies. Francesca studied Sustainable Development at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), and obtained her master’s degree in Human Geography from the Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal) - where she realised her thesis project in an urban refugee camp in Beirut (Lebanon). Before joining TU Berlin, she worked as intern at HafenCity Universität, the leading partner institution of the EU H2020 project MICADO, in the development of European cities based ICT solutions for migrants’ inclusion.


BA Business and Economics, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy

MA with Honors Sustainable Development, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Masters Human Geography: Globalisation, Society, and Territory, IGOT Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. Thesis: Hospitality relations and overlapping displacements in refugee camps(capes) in Lebanon, supervised by Jennifer McGarrigle.

Employment History+

Since 2022
Research Assistant
CRC1265 “Re-Figuration of Spaces” sub-project C08 Architectures of Asylum, TU Berlin

Erasmus+ Trainee
EU H2020 MICADO project, HafenCity Universität, Hamburg

External Collaborator
Publisher Il Mulino, Bologna

Research Projects+

Since 2022
C08 Architectures of Asylum II: Circulation of Governance Approaches, Planning Knowledge, Design Practices, and Materialities. TU Berlin

Production of the documentary short film “Liquid Homes” in collaboration with film director Camilo Andrés Bravo Molano, with the support of HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg and MOIN Filmförderung. Hamburg, Portugal

and_ando collective (ex aRtipoda) research and artist residency at SCIE festival on the concept of desire paths, developing experimental reflections on walking and the occupations of spaces in the city. Lisbon, Bologna



“Memórias fotográficas: uma entrevista com Raquel Soeiro de Brito” by González Arango, N., Giraldo Villamizar, C., Ceola, F., De Paula Nogue Oliveira, F. Universidade de Lisboa, Centro de Estudos Geográficos [http://dx.doi.org/10.33787/CEG20210003]

Refereed articles

Smith, N., Mitchell, D. (Eds.: 2018). Revolting New York: How 400 Years of Riot, Rebellion, Uprising, and Revolution Shaped a City. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 368 pp ISBN 9780820352800. Issue 99 of Investigaciónes Geográficas, UNAM. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14350/rig.59962

2023 (upcoming)
“Counter cartographies and migrant infrastructures: some critical reflections on the campscape of Shatila, Beirut”, in Mashriq & Mahjar: Journal of Middle East and North African Migration Studies, Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies


November 2019
International workshop “Imagined Pasts: colonialism, photography and archives” at ICS - Universidade de Lisboa. Presentation of the research by González Arango, N., Giraldo Villamizar, C., Ceola, F., da Costa Vieira, A., De Paula Nogue Oliveira, F., “São Tomé and Príncipe at the photographic archive of the Centre for Geographical Studies, University of Lisbon: geographical practices in a colonial context”

November 2019
XII Congresso da Geografia Portuguesa “Geografia das Transições para a Sustentabilidade”, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães. Presentation of the video essay by González Arango, N., Giraldo Villamizar, C., Ceola, F., Brito-Henriques, E.“The potential of artistic action/intervention and video making as methods for scientific research in geography – study case in the city of Lisbon”

January 2021
Conference “Urban Theory and Urban Praxis: Past, Present, and Possible Futures”, European Sociological Association - Research Network 37. Presentation of the research project with the collective aRtipoda, González Arango, N., Giraldo Villamizar, C., Quiroga Devia, P., Ceola, F. “Desire Paths: a way of walking”

July 2022
Conference “New Perspectives on Middle East Migrations”, Khayrallah Center for Lebanese
Diaspora Studies, North Carolina State University. Presentation of the conference paper
“Migrant infrastructures and territorialisation in the context of overlapping displacements - the
case of Shatila camp(scape), Lebanon”.

April 2023
Conference “Orte des Ankommens” at Stiftung Berliner Mauer. Presentation of the conference
paper “Circulation of Governance Approaches, Planning Knowledge, Design Practices and

Grants, Awards and Fellowships+

Scholarship for undergraduate studies, graduate studies, and awards of merit, Fondazione ONAOSI

Erasmus+ postgraduation traineeship scholarship