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Dr. Oliver Lah

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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Oliver Lah leads the Urban Change Maker Group at the TU Berlin, which is an international capacity building programme for young professionals working on urban development issues. He is head of the Mobility and International Cooperation research unit at the Wuppertal Institute and coordinates the SOLUTIONSplus project, which supports urban electric mobility in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Oliver is also the Coordinator of the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) and UN-Habitat’s Urban Pathways partnership. Oliver has worked with international organisations, such as the OECD/ITF, UN-Habitat, UN Environment, UNDP and GIZ on urban mobility and climate change issues. He was a lead author for the fifth IPCC Assessment Report and was a member of the Habitat III Policy Unit on Urban Services and Technology. He teaches at the universities of Berlin and Rotterdam Prior to that Oliver worked for the New Zealand government, the University of Munich and the Minister of State to the German Federal Chancellor. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Political Science, a Master of Environmental Studies from Victoria University of Wellington and a PhD in Urban Ecology from Technical University.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Urban Ecology, Technische Universität Berlin, Cities as engines for mobility transitions

Master of Environmental Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, The Climate for Change

Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Political Science, Victoria University of Wellington

Bachelor of Arts History, Political Science, Economics, Humboldt University Berlin

Employment History+

Since January 2011
Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
Head of Research Unit – Mobility and International Cooperation

Since June 2016
Managing Director - Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI)

June 2013 – December 2018
Consultant, Urban Basic Services
United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

September 2016 – January 2017
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

August 2015 – October 2016
United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment)

June 2014 – May 2016
Consultant, Water, Energy, Transport Division (part-time)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

September 2013 – May 2016
Research Fellow (part-time)
Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), Freie Universität Berlin

August 2008 – November 2010
Senior Adviser (Strategy and Planning)
New Zealand Ministry of Transport

September 2009 – October 2009
Seconded national expert
International Transport Forum (ITF)

September 2007 – March 2008
Adjunct Lecturer
Qingdao University of Science and Technology

September 2004 – July 2008
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Applied Policy Research (CAP), Ludwig-Maximillians-University Munich

August 2001 – August 2004
Parliamentary Adviser
Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor / Minister for Europe

March 2001 – August 2001
Research Assistant
German Bundestag

Research Projects+

Since 2019
Urban Change Maker Group
Knowledge Sharing Facility on Urban Basic Services in the Context of Integrated Urban Development

Teaching Activities+

since 2017
Technische Universität Berlin
Urban Management

since 2015
Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS)

2013 - 2016
University of Hagen

2012 - 2014
Munich University of Applied Sciences
General and Interdisciplinary Studies

2008 - 2010
Sino-German School of Postgraduate Studies
Tongji Universiy

Qingdao University of Sciene and Technology


Peer-reviewed journal papers and books

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Policy Papers

Lah. O,  Kodukula, S, Shrestha, S. (2019) Transition to Sustainable Mobility: Pathways, Policies, Co-benefits and Opportunities of Low Carbon Transport Future, UNCRD,  https://www.uncrd.or.jp/content/documents/793812th%20EST%20Forum-Background%20paper%202%20for%20Pre-Event%201-Santhosh%20et%20al..pdf

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Professional and Academic Affiliations+

Lead Author, Working Group III, Fifth Assessment Report, Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC), 2010-15

Policy Unit Expert for Urban Services and Technology, Habitat III in preparation of the New Urban Agenda, 2015-2016

Temporary Advisor, Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, Covenant of Mayors, 2017

Member of the working group on greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies for the transport sector, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) / International Transport Forum (ITF) 2009-2011

Member of the Working group on Climate Change and Green Asia (ADB, ADBI), 2011-2012

Temporary Advisor to the World Health Organisation Working Group on Climate Change and Health 2014

Member of the Board of Directors of the SLoCaT Foundation, Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport 2014-16

Member of the ERIA Working Group Greening the Industrial Economies: Corporate Management and Change Pathways 2015- 2016

Member of the Planning Committee of the EU-US Symposium on Transport and Climate Change (European Commission and Transportation Research Board) 2016-2017