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Diane Barbé



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Curriculum Vitae 

Diane Barbé has been a research associate at the Habitat Unit since October 2015. Diane is a graduat from the School of Urban Affairs at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po), where she concentrated on governance, property rights and informal housing policies in cities of the global South, particularly Kabul, Afghanistan and São Paulo, Brazil. She was the chief editor for a research report on regional and town planning in Casablanca and Tangier, Morocco, published in 2014.

Diane collaborated with researchers at the University of Washington as well as local experts to produce the 1994-2014 Sustainable Neighbourhoods Assessment Report, commissioned by the city of Seattle, USA to help prepare the upcoming 20-year master plan. She worked as a consultant for the architecture firm Grumbach & Associés in the context of the Atelier du Grand Paris, an urban think-tank dedicated to facilitate collaborations and knowledge exchanges between agencies and disciplines of the Paris municipality, department and region.

As a researcher with the Habitat Unit, Diane's research focuses on revealing political and social tensions through psychogeography, exploring the crossroads of ethnography, cartography and social history to understand cities from the bottom up. Diane is currently a research associate for the Simulizi Mijini / Urban Narratives project, which is funded by the German Cultural Foundation.


2013 – 2015
Master's degree in Urban Governance, Social Studies and Economics, Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po), School of Urban Affairs
(Thesis) Population Displacement and Urban Transition in Kabul City, Afghanistan: Current Spatial Structure, Social Issues and Recommendations for a New Development Plan (Supervisor: Olivier Borraz, researcher at CSO/CNRS in Paris)

2010 – 2013
Bachelor in Political Science and Humanities
Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po), American Campus

Employment History+

Since 2015
Associate Researcher
Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

Associate Researcher
Seattle Sustainable Neighbourhoods Assessment Project

Associate Researcher
Atelier Scientifique du Grand Paris

2013 – 2015
Student Assistant
School of Urban Affairs, Paris Institute of Political Science