Habitat Unit

Workshop WS 2021/2022
Prof. Anke Hagemann, Prof. Dr. Elke Beyer, Dr. Juliana Canedo

Collaborative transformation knowledge in self-organized occupations – International Workshop

Disclaimer: This workshop has already reached the limit of participants. Please refrain from applying.

The students’ workshop will be developed in connection to the “Collaborative transformation knowledge in self-organized occupations Alumni workshop – COLLOC 2021” and in partnership with BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and UFRJ/Brazil. The focus of the workshop is a self-organized occupation in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where students from TU-Berlin, UFRJ/Brazil and Alumni from different countries will develop together with the community small scale intervention design projects as well as future scenarios plans, narratives and storytelling.

COLLOC Workshop Poster

The goal of the workshop is for students to experiment and develop skills in transdisciplinary methods and collaborative work in the field of urban and architectural design. Through contact with complex problems and an activation of inter- and transdisciplinary networks to come together and discuss strategic solutions for sustainable and resilient transformations in urban space, students will have access to further tools that will support them in their professional and academic lives. This also means a deepening of the knowledge transfer on complex global problems, which is directed towards methodical and practice-oriented North-South exchange.

The workshop is open for students of the TU Berlin in the fields of Master Architecture, Master Urban Design as well as Bachelor students of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning with more than 4 semesters of study.  

This event is part of the COLLOC workshop-series. Information of previous workshops can be found at https://colloc2019.wixsite.com/colloc2019/about-the-workshop . It is also connected to the Seminar Collaborative Design in the transformative city offered this semester at Habitat Unit.

Course Information+

Workshop, 3 ECTS

Intensive workshop

The workshop will happen in a hybrid format and the TU-Berlin students will participate exclusively online. It will be divided in 3 Phases:

Phase 1 – Joint Problem Definition
Dates: Nov 5th to Nov 7th
Time: 4 hours per day*

Phase 2 – Development of small scale intervention and future scenarios
Dates: Nov 26th to Dec 3rd
Time: 4 hours per day*

Phase 3 – Evaluation and transfer knowledge
Dates: Dec 5th
Time: 4 hours per day*

*The Time Zone will be defined until the end of October according to the Time Zone of all participants.


Motivation Letter via email to canedo@tu-berlin.de