Habitat Unit

Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz, Moritz Ahlert, Dr. Anna Marie Steigemann

Redesigning TU Berlin's Campus Charlottenburg as a citizen science laboratory

Globally universities increasingly recognize that academic expertise alone is insufficient to facilitate necessary change to solve the multitude of existential challenges faced by our societies – ranging from climate change, poverty, political (in)stability, digitalisation etc. To be effective agents for global change universities need to place themselves more firmly at the center of transdisciplinary debates, bridging between and connecting diverse knowledge cultures through an approach which has become known as citizen science. Which implications does this have for the urban design and architecture of university campuses?

Makersspaces(S) Poster

This studio will address this question through the project of a new pavilion for science-society interaction at the core of TU Berlin's Campus Charlottenburg which will be built in 2022/23. Students will develop programmatic and architectural proposals for the pavilion as part of a broader urban design and intervention strategy to enhance existing and generate new spatial interfaces between university and city, the academic community, neighbors and the broader community of citizens. The studio will be taught in close collaboration with the Natural Building Lab and is supported by the Präsidium der TU Berlin (central administration).

Course Information+

Design Studio
12 ECTS + 3 ECTS (PIV)
Arch: EP Städtebau I
MA UD: PJ 1-3 EP
MA SRP: Projekt

Teaching Day
Thursday 10am , A 201b

First meeting
October 17th, 2019, 10am, A 201b

Open Studio
October 9th, 2019, 1pm, A 201b

Motivation letter and short CV to
a.steigemann@tu-berlin.de and
by 12pm October 11th


Moritz Ahlert

Room A 621
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Dr. phil. Anna Steigemann

Raum A 621

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