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Seminar WS 2019/2020
Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz, Dr. Elke Beyer

Campus Import/Export
Mobilizing Learning Architecture from the Cold War to the Present

Architecture and urban planning know-how have been increasingly globalized – from the internationalization of expert practice in the post-WW2 and decolonization era to the formation of global offices and planning alliances defining current trends worldwide. Not only blueprints and styles, intellectual tools and strategies became matters of import/export, but also institutions of professional and academic education for future architects, construction engineers and planners – schools acting as "portals of globalization" (C. Baumann) while defining parameters and agendas for the production of space in very diverse settings around the world.

This seminar explores the mobilization of architectures and institutions of higher learning, of planning technologies and knowledge. It offers an introduction to key debates on transnational planning and policy mobility, institution building/capacity building in the context of development cooperation and competitive coexistence, planetary urbanization, education export and the globalization of architectural and planning practice through a series of readings in architecture and urban studies, political economy and geography, covering different geographical contexts in the Global South and North.

Poster Campus ImportExpoort WS19/20

Students will also develop case studies on specific campus architectures and their urban context in small group research and mapping projects, tracing import/export circuits of learning institutions and their interplay with urban development. Through the engagement with the case studies and scholarly literature the seminar aims to build a sensitivity regarding the trans-local constellations of intellectual, institutional and economic power structures embodied in campus building.

The seminar will be conducted with links to the exhibition and research projects "Education Shock. Architectures and Technologies of Learning, 1957-1980" (HKW Berlin, curated by Tom Holert) and "Constructing Transnational Spaces of Higher Education" (Leibniz Junior Research Group led by Dr. Jana Kleibert, IRS Erkner).

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Seminar, 6/3 ECTS

Teaching Day
Monday, 2 - 4pm, A 606

First Meeting
October 21st, 2019, 2pm, A 606

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