Habitat Unit

SEMINAR, WS 2014/2015
Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz

Smart People and Urban Commoning

The semianr will extend the discourse around Smart Cities beyond a technology focussed approach: How can the expertise and resources of local citizens be understood as „smartness“ and mobilize this knowledge for a better city? 

The seminar shifts the perspective of the Smart City debate towards civil society actors and their means to co-create urban space. The focus will be on existing and emerging practices and technologies for co-production and urban commoning.

WS 1415 -Smart People- Poster

The seminar is part of the „Dialogplattform Smart People and Urban Commoning“ funded by the TU Berlin. The platform is a collaboration of several chairs from Faculty VI (FG Stollmann, FG Million, FG Frank, Habitat Unit) as well as the ZTG. The seminar consists of a transdisciplinary lecture series inviting TU Berlin colleagues as well as external experts to contribute to a better understanding of the social, political, spatial and technological innovation in the field of Smart People.

Course Information+

Seminar (in German), 6 ECTS
MA UD: P 2 iV
MA Arch: WP(6) ST1.01

Teaching day
Every two weeks, 6pm - 9pm, A 052

First meeting
October 15, 2014, 6 pm - 8 pm, A 052

Sign-up list at A 30 and Quispos


Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jörg Stollmann, Prof. Dr. Angela Million (ISR), Prof. Dr. Sybille Frank (IS), Dr. Carolin Schröder (TZG). 


Room A 624 
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