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Seminar WiSe 2022/2023
Dr. Juliana Canedo, Prof. Dr. Elke BeyerProf. Anke Hagemann

Counter Hegemonic Spatial Practices

Learning from experiences in the global South

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The Seminar combines theoretical inputs and practical activities in the topics of informality, self-organized spaces through the lens of collaborative design approaches. It seeks to provide students with a critical approach towards the role of architects and urbanists in city development using experiences in the Global South to build bridges and dialogues with the Global North.

The goal of the Seminar is for students to experiment and develop skills in transdisciplinary methods and collaborative work in urban and architectural design. Through exposure to complex problems, activating inter- and transdisciplinary networks, and discussing strategic solutions for sustainable and resilient transformations in urban space, students will access skills that will support them in their professional and academic lives. This is also associated with a deepening of knowledge transfer on
complex global problems, directed towards methodological and practice-oriented North-South exchange.

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During the Seminar we will work empirically with a
Brazilian self-organized squat and the students will be offered the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil to experiment on site the Dual Design strategy by building small scale interventions and future scenarios for Solano Trindade squat. The Excursion will be from November 11th to 20th 2022 and the students might be partially funded (more information about the funding options will be provided by the end of September). Students who
cannot fly to Rio de Janeiro will be able to participate online.

It is connected to the international Alumni workshop COLLOC 2022 - Collaborative Production of Transformation Knowledge in self-organized occupations.

Photo © COLLOC

Download the Poster here.

Course Information+

Wahlpflicht WP
MA Arch T

Teaching Day
Mondays 10am-12pm
Room: A606
Phase 1 (online): Nov 4th - 6th
(4 hours per day)
Phase 2 (hybrid: Rio de Janeiro + online): Nov 11th - 20th (full day)

First meeting
17. October 2022

CV and motivation letter to canedo@tu-berlin.de

Dr. Juliana Canedo 
Prof. Dr. Elke Beyer
Prof. Anke Hagemann