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Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz, Dipl. Ing.Moritz Ahlert


Guayaquil - Ecuador

Co-Producing Inclusive Public Spaces

- Spring School cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic -

This summer school will focus on the notions of inclusive public spaces, co-production and participation processes in the consolidated informal settlements of Guayaquil (Ecuador). In the context of current segregation, inequality, and socio-environmental vulnerability, developing inclusive mechanisms of production of public spaces offer an opportunity for contributing to the development of these urban areas. Focusing on the role of collective spaces within socio-spatial transformation processes, the objective of this summer school is to uncover and map inhabitants’ perceptions and local narratives on the production, as well as the use and appropriation of these spaces.

Spring School Ecuador SoSe20

Through this in situ immersion, the students will have the opportunity to explore participatory methods for the reading and making of collective spaces. Participants will be assisted by scholars and experts for the elaboration of alternative scenarios integrating local stakeholders’ perspectives and inhabitants’ imaginaries. This will enable a collective discussion on broader issues on the co-production of public spaces in vulnerable contexts. The intensive fieldwork will focus on 3 case studies in Suburbio Oeste and Guasmo. Activities in groups of 3-4 students will combine a daily workshop with site visits, interviews, round table discussions organized with local stakeholders and Keynote lectures by national and international scholars.

After participating the summer school students of Habitat Unit will work on a collective output which will contribute to a publication planned by KU Leuven. The concept will be developed together in Guayaquil.

This Summer school is organized by Prof. Dr. Schoonjans, Prof Dr. Scheerlinck and Xavier Mendez from the research group ›urban projects, collective spaces & local identities‹ of the Departement of Architecture at the KU Leuven.
Partner universities are TU Berlin (Habitat Unit) and Universidad Católica de Guayaquil, Universidad de Cuenca – Llactalab.

- Spring School cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic -

KU Leuven          Universidad Catolica de Guayaquil         Universidad de Cuenca

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Seminar, 6 ECTS

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July 20th - July 31st 2020

Application via Mail until 14.04.2020 (CV, Motivation Letter) to moritz.ahlert@tu-berlin.de

Travel expenses will be partially supported.


Dipl. Ing.Moritz Ahlert

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