Habitat Unit

Seminar SS 2020
Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz, Dipl. Ing. Moritz Ahlert

Atlas of Digital Fragments 2
The future of urban consumption

Digitalization and urbanization are deeply intertwined. Yet, the impact of digitalization in shaping urban transformation is highly contested. A frequent concern voiced by critics is the reliance of digital urban management tools of so-called smart cities on ›big data‹, collected, monitored, tracked, computed, geo-localized and/ or networked by a ›cocoon of ubiquitous computing‹ (Orit Halpern). The experimental theory-seminar ›Atlas of Digital Fragments 2‹ aims to globally map digital tools and projects, that are actively shaping urban transformation processes. The focus of this research is on the role of urban actors (as producer, consumer or prosumer) and their role on the future of urban consumption. We are approaching the city of the future by focusing on changes in consumer behavior: the effects of online shopping on transport, traffic and infrastructure (Uber, Zalando, Lieferando, Amazon, DHL e.g.).

Atlas of digital fragments 2 Poster

The seminar provides an introduction to the critical study of the smart city, which is described in urban or media studies as ›spatial softwares‹ (Keller Easterling) or as a ›spatial product‹ (Orit Halpern). The seminar combines collective research, analysis, discussion of global case studies of digital fragments. The seminar will result in ›Desktop Documentaries‹ (video-essays based on found-footage mixed with self-produced video material).

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Seminar, 6 ECTS
15 students

Teaching Day
Monday 12-14h (weekly)

First meeting
04.05.2020, 12-14h

Required: application video until 20.04., for more information please check PDF.