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COVID-19 Syllabus | 2020

Covid-19 Syllabus - Articles, Podcasts, Papers

Join Prof. Misselwitz and Dr. Christian Haid on Saturday July, 18th at 3.30pm at their roundtable talk about corona and the city. The roundtable talk is taking place during the IfA Open House weekend.

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The corona virus disease has led to eminent alterations of our daily routines and is leaving people all around the globe with concern and fear of contagion. Staying informed and alert about what is happening around the globe is relevant, especially in these times of isolation.

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© Matias Holz

The Habitat Unit uses this thread to collect useful articles, papers and links to keep you informed and entertained during this difficult period of social distancing. This syllabus will be edited and expanded as we are all trying to make our contribution to halting the spread of the virus.  
Habitat Unit also highly encourages all of you, if there is capacity, to get involved in either your neighbourhood or the global community as this pandemic calls for everyone's support and solidarity.

Stay healthy and safe!

Podcasts & Webinars+

Blaming Density (AfterCorona #4) - Urban Political Podcast

State Unrecognition and Covid-19 Politics: Somaliland, Palestine & Syria - UCL The Bartlett Development Planning Unit