Habitat Unit

BOOK, 2013
Peter Herrle, Astrid Ley, Sonja Nebel

The Traditional Lhasa House. Typology of an Endangered Species.

The book looks at a particular type of indigenous architecture that has developed in the Tibetan capital Lhasa. The focus is not on the relatively well documented monastic architecture, but rather on the vernacular residential architecture in the form of the historic Lhasa Town House, as it was built and lived in from the mid-17 th to mid-20 th century. The book defines the Lhasa House as a distinct variety of traditional Tibetan architecture by providing a technical analysis and discussing the cultural framework and the development of a typology. 


Peter Herrle, Astrid Ley, Sonja Nebel (2013) The Traditional Lhasa House. Typology of an Endangered Species. 1st Ed. LIT Verlag, Münster. ISBN 978-3-86922-244-8.