Habitat Unit

Webinar II
Friday, 19.02.2020

Mobilizing local research for global agendas

Reporting from the World Urban Forum

Many cities and regions world-wide experience enormous rates of growth and transformation. In this context the promotion of an equitable access to public goods is widely considered a key factor to ensure equitable development and to leave no one behind.

In this webinar scholars, activists and development professionals representing three research networks from three continents will share and reflect on how research and policy making can collaborate to bertter promote equitable urban development: How can research be more meaningful and effective for society and how can it have more impact on policy?

The initiative is supported by Cities Alliance’s Joint Work Program (JWP) on Equitable Economic Growth through the project Equity, Services and Economic Development in Cities of the GlobalSouth. This webinar is a follow-up to the Networking Event 47 at the World Urban Forum 10 in Abu Dhabi.

The webinar and Q&A will be held in English.

Webinar 2

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Webinar Information+

Date: February 19, 2020

Time: 16:00 CET

Length: 60 minutes

URL: https://zoom.us/j/595364399

No registration needed!

Our Input+

Members from the three networks who were present at the WUF event will give an overview of their presentations and discuss the outputs from the event. In particular, we welcome


Peter Gotsch & Anthony Boanada-Fuchs (N-AERUS): Towards a policy review on the role of public services for equitable economic growth

Margarita Greene Z. (REDEUS_LAC): Equitable economic growth through provision of public goods: Social Cohesion through Collective Space

Taibat Lawanson (AURI): Research-Policy Engagements on the Lagos Resilience Journey


We welcome in our audience other participants from the WUF:


Edmundo Werna (N-AERUS, ILO). 

Gilbert Siame (AURI, University of Zambia)

Webinar Series+

This webinar is one of a five-part series to evaluate, contextualize and operationalize existing research by Cities Alliance on equitable economic growth in cities of the Global South. Three research networks, working in Europe (N-AERUS), Africa (AURI) and LAC (REDEUS_LAC), collaborate to identify common problems cities face in pursuing social equity and economic growth, to share tested strategies for integrating policy making and research, and to disseminate these strategies to broader urban contexts. By targeting a global audience, we can share experience both within and beyond the regional focus of each webinar. For more information on the project, please go to: https://www.citiesalliance.org/newsroom/news/cities-alliance-news/cities-alliance-announces-grant-tu-berlin-equity-services-and

Webinar Team+

Peter Gotsch (Moderation)

Colin Delargy (Coordination)

Learning Goals+
  1. To highlight local innovations, challenges and lessons for NUA implementation within Latin America/Caribbean, Africa and Europe and to learn about specific case studies of innovative policies and projects to promote equitable economic growth through public goods and services
  2. To hear from local experiences on collaborating between research and policy making in order to implement the NUA and SDGs in the network regions
  3. To broadcast the discussion from the World Urban Forum to a broader audience and continue to expand on the knowledge generated there.

Introduction and reflection on the networking event of the WUF

Inputs from members of each of the three networks on the topics of the webinar

Extended discussion with audience members about local experiences with the topics at hand