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Wednesday, 03.05.2023, 4.30 p.m. | Room A202, IfA (Institute for Architecture), Str. des 17. Juni 152, 10623 Berlin

Dr. Haruna Jimoh (University of Lagos): Reimagining Water Infrastructure for a Resilient Lagos, Nigeria –
A Co-production Approach

Water remains an essential utility for the survival of any community. Despite this, the World Bank reported in 2022 that approximately 70 million Nigerians were living without access to basic drinking water. The increasing population and poor governance have further weakened the government's capacity in catering for the entire populace. The majority of the residents, especially those living in the urban fringe, obtain their water supply from boreholes whose quality depends on depth, location, and other factors. This act has led to the proliferation of boreholes with its attendance challenges which include residents’ exposure to different waterborne diseases and effects on water aquifers.  While most individuals can resolve the water accessibility challenge through boreholes, the residents of Isheri, on the fringe of Lagos State, are exception. Water from boreholes in the area contains high contents of iron which decolourise water within minutes of harvest. This development jeopardised nature’s ability to deliver clean water supply to the community and exposed them to different risks. Hence, the scout for different methodologies to confront the menace of water supply in the community. This lecture presents the resilience and coping strategies of the community over time and the recently employed community-based governance system in water provision.

©Haruna Jimoh

Dr. Haruna Jimoh is a Lecturer in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is a current Fellow of the Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. His research interest spans urbanisation and governance, spatial analysis and resource management, environmental planning and management. He is a cluster member of Urbanization and Population Dynamics, and Spatial Data Infrastructure at the University of Lagos’ Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development. He has published articles in local and international outlets and consulted widely for private, corporate organisations, and government at various levels.


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