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August 19 2022, 6.00 pm (CET) | Zoom

Critical Urban Water Landscapes Beyond Best Practice

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Educating young architects, urban planners and landscape architects from the Global North and the Global South together means to address both the global dimension of designing urban water landscapes, and local differences. Engaged in university collaborations since 2014 the authors bridge disciplines and mobilise their contacts to professional actors, public authorities and civil society for research-by-design projects. Their trans-disciplinary and multi-directional working method, called ‘Beyond Best Practice’, makes it possible, from a Design Thinking perspective, to raise research questions on-site around constantly evolving multi-actor collaborations. Transported into higher education, this collaborative model encourages students to work with the interrelatedness of natural processes and people’s practices in urbanising water landscapes.

Urban Talk #41 Critical Urban Water Landscapes

© Photo: Lisa Diedrich

Dr. Flavio Janches studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, holds a postgraduate degree in urban design from the same institution, and received his doctoral degree in urbanism from Delft University of Technology. He currently works as a professor of architecture and urban design at the University of Buenos Aires where he also directs the Urbanism Institute. In parallel he collaborates with TU Delft as a Guest Researcher at the Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategies. Janches also leads the office BJC architects in Buenos Aires.
Dr. Lisa Diedrich studied architecture and urbanism in Paris, Marseille and Stuttgart, and landscape architecture at the University of Copenhagen, where she received her doctoral degree. She currently works as a professor of landscape architecture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Malmö and directs the research platform SLU Urban Futures. She is also the editor-in-chief of the book series Landscape Architecture Europe and co-editor-in-chief of ’scape the international magazine for landscape architecture and urbanism.
Dr. Diego Sepulveda, is a designer and a regional planner. He works as teacher and senior researcher at the department of Urbanism at Delft University of Technology, where he got his PhD on Integrated infrstructures for development. Diego is an active researcher at the complex city region and the Delta urbanism groups for spatial planning in The Nederland. Currently he coordinates the Urbanism Master Lab at the faculty of architecture and build environment of Delft University of Technology

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Lisa Diedrich
Professor of landscape architecture
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
SLU Landscape/ Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management
P.O. Box 190, 234 22 Lomma, Sweden
Mail: lisa.diedrich@slu.se
Flavio Janches
Professor of architecture and urban design
University of Buenos Aires
Ciudad Universitaria, C1428EGA Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mail: flavio.janches@fadu.uba.ar
Diego Sepulveda
Asst. Professor of urban planning
Delft University of Technology
Julianalaan 134, 2628 BL Delft, The Nederlands
Mail: D.a.sepulvedacarmona@tudelft.nl