Habitat Unit

January 21, 2016 | 18.00 Uhr | Halle 2

Laboratory Bohol
We Opportunists

Laboratory Bohol aims to explore the agency of the architect and designer in a globalised working context through the means of targeted actions in specific regions.

Laboratory Bohol was launched in spring 2015 in Bohol, an island part of the central Visayas region in the Republic of the Philippines. The country's rapid growth - currently ranked second growing economy in the world (Bloomberg, February 2015) – produces a stimulating climate for experiment and exchange, while at the same time the urgency to preserve and learn from the existing. In an increasingly globalised context, the mediating process between these two poles requires a crucial awareness of one’s role and position. Laboratory Bohol aims to overcome various moments of inequality by setting up a series of collaborative projects on the island that each serve as learning environment for all actors involved. 

During a two month exploration, a set of eight opportunities were mapped together with local parties and policy-makers; ranging from architectural interventions, to urban studies, to socio-economical events. Currently, Laboratory Bohol collaborates with their local and international partners to transform these opportunities into realised projects. Through the accumulation of these projects, Laboratory Bohol aims to establish a durable network of globally linked partnerships, exchanging knowledge to steer growth locally in a more sustainable way.

Laboratory Bohol is initiated by Charlotte Lao Schmidt (PH/DE), Georgios Eftaxiopoulos (GR), Sebastian Latz (DE) and Dieter Leyssen (BE) and is open to collaborations.


This Urban Talk is part of a series of three evening lectures that were organised in the framework of the Habitat Unit Design Studios 'Rural+' and 'Refugee City' during winter semester 2015/2016.

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