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International Conference
May 4th-6th 2023 | Eiermannbau, Auenstr. 11, D-99510 Apolda 

“StadtLand – from Thuringia to a planetary perspective”

The conference is fully booked (registration closed), but there is an online transmission via Zoom. 

The International Building Exhibition (IBA) Thuringia and the Sino-German research project Urban Rural Assembly (URA) will jointly host the international conference „StadtLand – from Thuringia to a planetary perspective“.
It will form part of the exhibition „Stadtland – Learning from Thuringia“ in the iconic Eiermann building in Apolda, where the IBA will present the results of its decennial project development process. Since 2019, the URA project has been conducting research on the development and planning of urban-rural interface regions in eastern China, as well as from an international perspective.
Ongoing planetary urbanization and interconnection require a ‘Stadt-Land’ perspective – one that focuses on the interrelationships and material cycles within larger territories, including both urban and rural areas. In this context, the ’rural’ areas become a critical resource for a more circular and climate-friendly future development. The Stadt-Land perspective thus calls for new societal practices fostering solidarity in the use of land, in addition to more resource-efficient construction and economic activities.

Conference and exhibition venue: Eiermannbau, Auenstr. 11, D-99510 Apolda  © www.open-factory.de

To this end, IBA and its local partners have implemented model projects in Thuringia, while URA has investigated the rapid socio-spatial transformation processes which characterize an urban-rural region in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. Both projects work with ‘living labs’ which support the development of strategies and tools for future change.
The conference opens new avenues of thought and action – from the current urbanization tendencies in Thuringia and numerous other regions worldwide, to spatial visions and planning strategies toward sustainable urban-rural interrelations.
We invite you to come to Apolda to hear more, and to connect with international researchers   and practitioners working on this topic in person. The conference will take place in German and English. A live streaming option will be available.

May 4th 2023, 16:00 - 22:00: Keynote Speech and Exhibition Opening
May 5th 2023, 10:00 - 16:30: International Conference 
May 6th 2023, 09:30 - 16:30: Excursion

You can access the entire program here.

Speakers include: Kenneth Anders, Bad Freienwalde; Hillary Angelo, Santa Cruz; Marta Doehler-Behzadi, Apolda; Bianca Elzenbaumer, Rovereto; Maria Frölich-Kulik, Weimar; Yang Guiqing, Shanghai; Anke Hagemann, Berlin; Susanna Karawanskij, Erfurt (tbc); Sigrun Langner, Weimar; Philipp Misselwitz, Berlin; Steffen Nijhuis, Delft; Lukas Pappert, Berlin; Kelly Shannon, Leuven; Remy Sietchieping, Nairobi; Antje Stokman, Hamburg; Milica Topalovic, Zürich


Status: as of Feb 3rd, 2023

Thursday, May 4th 2023 

Moderator: Dr. Codelia Polinna

Welcome and Introduction

  • Klara Geywitz, Federal Minister BMWSB
  • Bodo Ramelow, Minister President, State of Thuringia
  • M. Doehler-Behzadi, Director, IBA Thüringen


  • Philipp Misselwitz, Bauhaus Earth, Berlin
  • Remy Sietchieping, UN Habitat, Nairobi

Opening IBA Exhibition

Friday, May 5th 2023 

Moderator: Dr. Codelia Polinna

Welcome address

  • Susanna Karawanskij (tbc), State Minister

Session I - StadtLand

  • Milica Topalovic, ETH Zürich
  • Hillary Angelo, UC Santa Cruz
  • Steffen Nijhuis, TU Delft
  • Host/Discussant:
    • Anke Hagemann, TU Berlin

Session II - Strategies

  • M. Doehler-Behzadi, IBA Thüringen, Apolda
  • Kelly Shannon, KU Leuven
  • Maria Frölich-Kulik, Lukas Pappert, URA, Weimar/Berlin
  • Host/Discussant:
    • Antje Stokman, HCU Hamburg

Session III - Actions

  • Yang Guiqing, Tongji University, Shanghai
  • Bianca Elzenbaumer, Brave New Alps, Rovereto
  • Kenneth Anders, Bad Freienwalde
  • Host/Discussant:
    • Sigrun Langner, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Saturday, May 6th 2023 

Excursion to IBA projects

Access the entire program here.



Broadcast Link+

The conference will be broadcasted on Zoom on May 5th. 

Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83707440210?pwd=WEF0MWJ1dlVSOWZwdHZ4TEpVaVBmUT09

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