Habitat Unit

March 10 | 10 am | Cairo

RealCityLab Public Lecture: Creating Natural Change – Transforming Natural Building Tradition

in collaboration with Natural Building Lab, TU Berlin

To overcome the fossil consume society new ways of life and new resources for construction and operation of the build environment are needed. Mother earth delivers sun as fuel and a variety of natural materials potentially used for construction. Before the fossil age the human kind used to adapt to the climate and to use natural and renewable resources. We can learn from the past while adapting our building tradition to a future build environment. The Natural Building Lab at Technical University Berlin is researching on, designing and building environment friendly buildings out of natural resources. The lab is developing its projects in collaboration with the society of change mostly as design-build projects.

This public lecture is part of the introduction of the student-workshop “Rediscovering Nile Delta – Hands on Earth and Reed workshop” includes a public lecture entitled: Creating Natural Change – Transforming Natural Building Tradition, by Prof. Eike Roswag-Klinge (Aghakhan Prize winner 2007), the Chair of Natural Building Lab at TU Berlin.