Habitat Unit

May 6, 2015 I 18.30 Uhr I Geodätenstand H 6101

Refugees in the City (2): KITCHEN-HUB

The research- and teaching format 'Refugees in the City' at Habitat Unit deals with the ongoing debate on accommodating refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. In particular we are seeking to understand and determine the role of planning disciplines in the process. In the framework of the lecture series 'Refugees and the City' we will therefore discuss a possible collaboration between higher education, research, refugee initiatives and civil society.

Lecture & Debate - Kitchen Hub - Poster

The focus of the event will be placed on the role of higher education, it will be embedded in the 2nd Cluster meeting of the of the Ulab+. Case studies and best practice examples of studio work at schools of higher education and practice will be presented shortly and discussed afterwards with members of refugee initiatives. The event will be kicked off by a series of pecha kucha inputs, followed by a general discussion round. Afterward the speakers and the audience will prepare a small meal together on a long table in other to deeper discuss the related topics.

The event will serve as a valuable practice-related input workshop for all of our work as well as the students currently involved in the Refugees in the City Research- and Design Studios at TU Berlin. This includes a Summer School to take place in August, where we will design and build the Kitchen-Hub for Über den Tellerrand, a place of cooking encounters between locals and refugees in Berlin.

Geodätenstand H 6101
TU Berlin, Main Building
Strasse des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin