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March 25 – 30,  2022 | Berlin

Integration Through Collaboration: Transforming Spaces and Practices

The Workshop focuses on the integration of refugees living in refugee shelters in the city of Berlin considering the push and pull factors regarding space and governance. By working with real and complex cases and getting in close contact with relevant stakeholders like BENN and LAF, it intends to promote a transdisciplinary debate, encouraging the students to develop a critical and propositive reflection on the integrative and co-productive role of city-building professionals by developing scenarios towards the transformation of the current situation.

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As a continuation of the BRICK Workshop and the Seminar Collaborative Design in the Transformative City: learning from rejected spatialities offered in the Winter Semester 2021/22, the workshop will focus on one area in the periphery of Berlin with a Refugee Shelter where students will be able to experiment different collaborative tools for mapping and design the neighborhood from the perspective of the inhabitants – refugees and neighbors. The workshop goal is to investigate how these groups understand and use their spaces and what could be developed in order to improve their life quality through the articulation between the needs and wishes of the dwellers and the institutional actors related. It is also aimed at providing the students the opportunity to experiment and develop skills in transdisciplinary methods and collaborative work in the field of urban and architectural design.
Besides students from TU-Berlin, the workshop will have the participation of students from different fields (social sciences, architecture) from the Yarmourk University in Jordan. The workshop will also be developed in connection with the Seminar with the same name that will be offered in the Summer Semester of 2022, where other collaborative activities will be proposed and a deepen debate around the related topics will be developed.
The workshop is part of the research project Building Refugees Integration through urban development and soCial work (BRICK),funded by DAAD 2021& 2022, coordinated by
Dr. Hassan Elmouelhi and the research project “Beyond the Shelter: understanding limits and potentialities between emergence and endurance in refugee shelters in Berlin” funded by DFG 2020-2023 from Dr. Juliana Canedo.
The workshop is also connected to the GIZ Symposium Contemporary urbanism and Arab cities that will happen online on March 21st and 22nd from 3 to 7pm.

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March 25th to March 30th


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March 10th

Dr. Juliana Canedo

Dr. Hassan Elmouelhi