Habitat Unit
June 9 , 2018 | 5pm - 12pm | IfA, TU Berlin
Conflicts of an Urban Age

'Conflicts of an Urban Age' - exhibition opening June 9, 2018 (until October 2018)
The 21st century is the century of urbanization. More and more people will live in cities. The impact and speed of this global development has never been greater. The exhibition „Conflicts of an urban Age" concentrates on the consequences of those rapidly accelerating urbanisation, between 1990 and today, and shows how cities cross the world deal with those tremendous challenges. „Conflicts of an Urban Age" originates from the Urban Age program of the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and and LSE Cities. Urban Age is an international research program addressing spatial and social dynamics of cities.

Urban Lab Medellin I Berlin (Installation for the „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften")
Current planning approaches provide only inadequate answers to urbanisation challenges. Transformation conflicts at the informal neighbourhood of „Moravia" in Medellin, Colombia, triggered the establishment of the Urban Lab Medellin I Berlin, in order to test new, inclusive, cooperative, and transdisciplinary planning approaches, which combine the local knowledge of the inhabitants with the expert know-how of architects and planners. The Urban Lab Medellin I Berlin is an international cooperation connecting TU Berlin's Habitat Unit, Urban Oasis initiative, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Arch+, Universidad Pontificia Bolivarian Medellin, Universidad Eafit Medellin, and the Centro de desarrollo Culture de Moravia. It is a think and do tank connecting architecture and urban design students, professional planners and architects as well as local actors of the civil society, administration, science, culture, and economy from Colombia and Germany through workshops, symposia and planning interventions.

Conflicts of an Urban Age_photo

8 - 8.30 pm Exhibition opening and project presentation
with Elisabeth Mansfeld (Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft), Philipp Misselwitz and Nina Pawlicki (TU Berlin), as well as Maximilian Becker, Albert Kreisel, and Tobias Schrammek (Urban Oasis)
followed by film screenings
(re-run: 9 - 9.30 pm)