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Philipp Winter

Philipp Winter


Habitat Unit, Room A 624
T + 49 – 30 – 314 – 21908
F + 49 – 30 – 314 – 21907

Curriculum Vitae

Philipp Winter has started working as a student assistant at the Habitat Unit in February 2019.
He started his Master studies in Urban Design at the TU Berlin in October 2018 after having studied Urban Design – Revitalization of Historic City Districts in Cottbus and Cairo. In an internship at urbanista in Hamburg he worked on participatory urban development. Philipp Winter did his Bachelor studies is in Geography, during which he worked as a student assistant and tutor in Cultural and Social Geography and as an intern and freelancer for Holzmarkt / GuK eG in Berlin.


Since 2018
Master of Science in Urban Design (M.Sc.), TU Berlin

2017 – 2018
Master of Science in Urban Design – Revitalization of Historic City Districs, BTU Cottbus, Cairo University

2012 – 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Geography (B.A.), HU Berlin

Employment history+

Since 2019
Student Assistant
Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

urbanista, Hamburg

Student Assistant
Geographical Institute, HU Berlin

Intern and freelancer
Holzmarkt / GuK eG, Berlin