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Moritz Ahlert


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Curriculum Vitae

Dipl. Ing.Moritz Ahlert has been a researcher in the Habitat Unit since October 2017. Moritz Ahlert  studied architecture  in Hannover and the Universität der Künste (University of Arts) in Berlin from 2004 to 2009. From 2013 to 2014 he was a research associate at the DFG (German Research Foundation) working on the research project »Urbane Interventionen« at the Hochschule für bildende Künste (University of Arts) Hamburg. His areas of focus are: architecture, public space and mapping.

He is the author of several publications, most recently »Mexibility. We are in the city, we cannot leave.« (editorial rm, 2017), which he also co-edited. He was curator of the exhibition of the same name in Casa del Lago, Mexico City (in cooperation with UNAM and Goethe-Institut). For the publication and exhibition he also designed a critical atlas which focuses on different aspects of mobility in Mexico.

He is part of the Postgraduate Doctorate Program, »Aesthetics of the Virtual« at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, working towards a PhD in Art. His research focuses on virtual mappings and their impact in physical spaces. He has taught, given lectures and workshops at various universities and academies. In 2015 he held a GSD Theory Lecture at Harvard University, Graduate School of Design – Cambridge / Boston, sponsored by Mellon foundation.

From 2009-2013 he worked for the Projektbüro Friedrich von Borries on the blurring boundaries of urban planning, architecture, design and art, in the form of exhibitions, books and research projects. The key elements of the work published  revolved around the relationship between design practice and socio-political development.


Since 2015
Doctoral Dissertation, HFBK Hamburg
(Working Title) Die Vermessenheit von Google Maps. (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Friedrich von Borries and Prof. Jesko Fezer)

Diploma in Architecture (Dipl.-Ing), Universität der Künste Berlin,
(Thesis) Urban Agriculture as a Strategy for Shrinking Cities in Eastern Germany. Case study Weissenfels, Saxony-Anhalt. (Supervisors: Prof. A. Krischanitz, Prof. S. Hauser und Prof. A. Ranner)

Employment History+

Since 2017
Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

Since 2015
Postgraduate Doctorate Program
'Aesthetics of the Virtual', University of Fine Arts Hamburg

2013 – 2015
Research Associate
DFG Project: Urbane Interventionen, HFBK Hamburg

Since 2011
UdK Berlin, HFBK Hamburg, HCU Hamburg

Since 2009
Work experience in self initiated projects and projects with Projektbüro Friedrich von Borries

Research Projects+

Since 2015
Postgraduate Doctorate Program, 'Aesthetics of the Virtual' and is working towards a PhD in Art. Thesis: 'Die Vermessenheit von Google Maps', University of Fine Arts Hamburg 

DFG Project: Urbane Interventionen, Research Associate HFBK Hamburg.

Teaching Activities+

WS 2016/2017
Workshops: URBAN LAB MEDELLIN | BERLIN, Collaborative mapping-workshop, master's course, Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

WS 2016/2017
Workshops: Diagrammatik, Prof. Bernd Kniess, HCU Hamburg

SS 2016
Seminar: Mapping Google Maps, with Hanny Oldendorf, HFBK Hamburg

WS 2013, WS2014, SS 2015
Workshop-series: Urban Interventions, with Christoph T. Herrmann, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg and HCU Hamburg.

WS 2011, SS2012
Workshop-series: experimental urban research, with Christoph T. Herrmann, Universität der Künste Berlin, Faculty of Architecture.



with Becker, M. Kreisel, A. Misselwitz, P. Pawlicki, N. Schrammek, T., eds. (2018) Moravia Manifiesto. Coding Strategies for Informal Neighborhoods, Jovis Berlin.

with Friedrich von Borries (2017) 'MEXIBILITY. WE ARE IN THE CITY, WE CANNOT LEAVE' editorial RM, Mexico City - Barcelona.

with Friedrich von Borries, Jens-Uwe Fischer (2014) 'Urbane Interventionen Istanbul', Berlin, Merve Verlag Berlin. 

with Friedrich von Borries, Jens-Uwe Fischer (2013) 'Die Berliner Weltverbesserungsmaschine: Die Rekonstruktion einer abstrakten Imagination' Berlin, Merve Verlag Berlin.

with Anne Binder, Christoph T. Herrmann (2013) 'Inside Out', Catalog and documentation of the exhibition + workshops, Verlag Universität der Künste Berlin.


Book contributions

(2016) Form und Karte, Forms of Formalism N.3, Lucia Verlag Weimar, p. 72-87.

(2015) »Grüne Städte? Ein TheorIe- und Praxisbericht aus dem Feld von ArchItektur und Städtebau«, in: Fischer-Lichte, Erika/ Hahn, Daniela (Ed.), Wilhelm Fink, pp. 89-110, together with Friedrich von Borries and Benjamin Kasten.

with Friedrich von Borries (2013) Grün als Standortvorteil im Stadtmarketing, Jirku, Almut (Ed.), StadtGrün, Frauenhofer IRB Verlag, p. 50-55.

(2011) Berliner Atlas paradoxaler Mobilität. Merve Verlag Berlin.

Other articles and publications

Contributions in professional journals
with Friedrich von Borries, Benjamin Kasten (2015) 'Situative Planungsstrategien zwischen Top-Down und Bottom-Up', RaumPlanung, Fachzeitschrift des Informationskreises für Raumplanung (IfR), RaumPlanung vom IfR, Themenschwerpunkt Informalität 178/ 2-2015, p. 44-49


Conference Papers

(2016) Die Ordnungen virtueller Karten, Graduate Conference 'Digital <Dis>Orders',  Exellenzcluster Normative Orders, Goethe Universität Frankfurt.

(2016) Praktiken der Kritik - Kritische Kartografie, Praktiken medialer Transformation, Uni Hamburg.

(2015) Urban Interventions, Architektur/Sommer Leipzig, HTWK Leipzig

(2015) Diagrams, Designdebatte, HFBK Hamburg

(2010) Green Urbanism, IBA Sachsen-Anhalt 2010 (The IBA Urban Redevelopment Saxony-Anhalt 2010). 

(2010) Green Urbanism, UN Decade's Round Table 'Education for Sustainable Development', Hamburg


Convened conferences

(2015) The Housing System, Wohnungsfrage, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.          

(2015) LET ́S WALK URBAN LANDSCAPES, New Pathways in Design Research    

(2015) STUDIO URBANE LANDSCHAFTEN, Symposium, Herrenhausen Palace, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences.

Invited Lectures+

(2015) Critical Mapping 2.0 – Ten Years of Google Maps,GSD Theory Lecture – Harvard University, Graduate School of Design – Cambridge / Boston.

Grants, Awards and Fellowships+

2018 (upcoming)
Artist in Residence in Barcelona, USAID, Cities Alliance and IHC-Global. Jiwar – International Residence for Artists and Researchers in Urban Creativity. 

Postgraduate Doctorate Program of the University of Fine Arts Hamburg Aesthetics of the Virtual.


2017 (upcoming)
'Aesthetics of the Virtual', Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg, curated by Elena Agudio.

'Subjektiver Transformationsatlas', Glasfabrik Leipzig, together with Alsino Skowronnek.

'Mexibility – Estamos en la ciudad, no podemos salir de ella', Casa de Lago, Mexico City.

Mapability-Mexibility - Solo-Exhibition in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Mexiko and Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metro, Mexico-City – Metro-Polanco.

'GORGEOUS GEOBROWSING' – Group exhibition with Katja Aufleger, Bureau d‘Études, Emily Eifler, Jenny Odell, Hanny Oldendorf, Alsino Skowronnek, Gallery Wiensowski & Harbord, Berlin.

Other Projects+

More Info under: www.moritzahlert.de