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Curriculum Vitae

Malin Praktiknjo has been a student assistant at the Habitat Unit since November 2013. At the Habitat Unit, she supports teaching as well as the research proposals. She is currently enrolled in the master’s programme for Urban and Regional Planning focusing on research and international planning. After collecting experiences in East Timor and Indonesia, she has become particularly interested in issues of social justice and planning challenges in abroad.

At the HafenCity University Hamburg, Malin Praktiknjo completed her Bachelor studies in Urban Planning with a thesis on ‘Water Supply and its Social Implications for the Metropolitan Area of Jakarta’. Also, for her Master thesis at the Technical University of Berlin, she will direct her research towards Indonesia, with specific look on housing for the urban poor within the province of Bali.

Since October 2013, Malin Praktiknjo has been engaged as an associate at the Urban Lab+ network. This research institute at the TU Berlin provides an international network of support for a productive dialogue and cooperation between participating partners representing countries such as the United Kingdom, India and South Africa. These partners offer Urban Laboratories where students enjoy the opportunity to apply a practical approach to the interdisciplinary and global learning in their curriculum. The Urban Lab+ is an important project that exists to enhance the quality of teaching and research. Together with Julia Pelzl, Malin Praktiknjo is collecting the teachers’ experiences from project studios and is developing recommendations for the network.


Since 2012
Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning (M.Sc), TU Berlin

2009 – 2012
Bachelor of Science in Urban Planing (B.Sc), HafenCity University Hamburg. (Thesis) The Economic Design and Social Implications of the Water Supply in the Metropolitan Area of Jakarta. (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Gernot Grabher; Dipl. Geogr. Alice Ott).

Employment History+

Since 2013
Student Assistant
Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

2012 – 2013
Student Assistant
Building and Planning Law, TU Berlin

2010 – 2011
Student Assistant
Urban and Regional Economic Studies, HCU Hamburg

Research Projects+

Since 2014
Co-op City Network: Transnational Knowledge Network for the Promotion of User-driven Housing Solutions

Assisting studentHabitat Unit, TU Berlin.

Since 2014
Beyond East-West: Development Cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa in Divided Germany 

Assisting studentHabitat Unit, TU Berlin.

Since 2013
Associate: Urban Lab+, TU Berlin.


Refereed articles

with Aaron Praktiknjo (2014) The Design of the Water Supply in the Metropolitan Area of Jakarta. CET. Chemical Engineering Transaction, (42).

Other articles and publications

with Daniela Knappe and Mareike Joost (2013) Wer macht Lichtenberg? Was passiert, wenn Planung und Realität sich widersprechen? Urban Research and Design Laboratory, U-Lab, TU Berlin.


Conference Papers

with Julia Pelzl (2013) Hi and Bye? Collecting the Experiences from the Entry to and Exit out of Universities in Communities, Urban Lab+ Cluster meeting and CUBES colloquium on City Studios - Practice Orientation, WITS University Johannesburg.

with Aaron Praktiknjo (2013) Design and Social Implications of the Water Supply in the Metropolitan Area of Jakarta. Poster presentation UNESCO sponsored 8th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment System, University of Dubrovnik.

Grants, Awards, and Fellowships+

Holcim Study Award for Sustainability, HafenCity University Hamburg.

awarded for the best Bachelor thesis of the university in the year of 2012/2013. The chairman of the board of the Holcim AG, Leo Mittelholzer, reasons as follows: 'It is to highlight the rich content of Malin Praktiknjo's work with concrete suggestions for a solution. Also, she takes water on the agenda, which is often neglected in the context of sustainability' (loose translation). There is a yearly call for contributions from the HafenCity University in cooperation with the Holcim AG, wanting to support academic excellence and a responsible society. Students are asked to work on innovative proposals for sustainable planning, designing and building.