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Lukas Born

Lukas Born


Zentralinstitut Campus El Gouna
Department of Urban Development
Room FH 502
Fraunhoferstrasse 33-36, 10587 Berlin

T +49  30  314  75 720
F +49  30  314  75 716

Curriculum Vitae

Born and raised in Berlin, Lukas Born studied urban and regional planning at TU Berlin. Now, he is the coordinator of the Urban Development Master’s Programme at TU Berlin’s El Gouna campus. Working in this satellite campus of TU Berlin in Egypt, he is affiliated with the research activities of the Habitat Unit in Egypt. 

He worked for more than five years in the field of neighborhood management for an urban development agency in Berlin-Wedding (L.I.S.T. GmbH) with an emphasis on participation, traffic reduction schemes, art and creative industries. This was followed by project management tasks for various European and national programmes on employment, vocational training and conservation. In this context, he initiated the Project Baerwaldbad at the municipal bathhouse in Berlin-Kreuzberg with Zukunftsbau GmbH. Under his direction this project later received Europe’s most prestigious award for heritage protection, the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award in the field of vocational training and education (Grand Prix, 2010). Together with colleagues from L.I.S.T., he is co-author of the Handbook on Participation for the Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin. Parallel to this, he freelanced as an academic mentor for the research project on ‘Urban Regeneration of Hidden World Heritage in L'viv’ for TU’s Urban Management program. 

After many years of practical work, he returned to TU Berlin as a researcher. He joined the support team for BMBF’s research program on future megacities that was focusing on sustainable urban development in nine emerging megacities around the world. He acted as editor of the future megacities book series, published by JOVIS Verlag in 2013/2014. 

In summer 2014, he joined the team of TU Berlin’s El Gouna campus as programme coordinator of the Department of Urban Development and as a research assistant. 


1995 – 1999
Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning (Dipl.-Ing), TU Berlin, Institute for Urban and Regional Planning (ISR)
(Thesis) Die indische Stadt zwischen Tradition, Wandel und Zerstörung - dargestellt am Beispiel der Stadt Jamnagar
(Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Peter Herrle, Dr. Zahir).

Employment History+

Since 2014
Programme Coordinator
Department for Urban Development, TU Berlin/ Campus El Gouna

2012 – 2014
Scientific Assistant
Technische Universität Berlin, Programme support for BMBF’s research programme Future Megacities and editor of Book Series: Future Megacities (Jovis Verlag)

2010 – 2012
Assistant for the Management Director (part time)
L.I.S.T. GmbH for Urban Regeneration, Co-Author of Handbook on Participation for Berlin’s Senate for Urban Development; Feasibility studies and project acquisition

2007 – 2012
Project Leader
Baerwaldbad-Project by Zukunftsbau GmbH for Vocational Training, Conservation of the historic Baerwaldbad (Public Bathhouse) in the context of vocational training and cultural education; project management / finance acquisition / external affairs (events/ public relations/ website/ contacts to administration)  

2005 – 2007
Project Leader
L.I.S.T. GmbH for Urban Regeneration, Project development in the framework of Urban Development and Employment in a transnational partnership with Warsaw (PL) and Enschede (NL)

2000 – 2005
Neighbourhood Manager
L.I.S.T. GmbH for Urban Regeneration, Berlin-Wedding (Soldiner Straße) - Traffic calming/ Neighborhood Budgeting/ Initiative and support for neighborhood and cultural associations (Kolonie Wedding, Christiania)

Research Projects+

2014 – 2016
DEVEPER: Development Priorities in Informal Areas: Planning, Realization and Local Perceptions

Consultant. In cooperation with Ain Shams University Cairo, Prof. Mohamed Salheen; Funded by BMBF and German Egyptian Research Fund.

Betreiberkonzept Baerwaldbad i.R. des ExWoSt-Forschungsprogramms Sportstätten und Stadtentwicklung / Projekt,

Project Leader. L.I.S.T. im Auftrag des Bezirksamtes  Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg .

Teaching Activities+

WS 2013/2014
Seminar: Urban Planning and Analysis, Urban Management Program, TU Berlin

SS 2011
Study project: Urban Regeneration in L’viv. Urban Management Program, TU Berlin, in Cooperation with GIZ (With Carsten Zehner)



(2014) Young Research Forum - Research Papers for Future Megacities on Governance, Water, Planning, and Mobility, Berlin: Jovis Verlag.


Book contributions

with Elke Pahl-Weber, Bernd Kochendörfer, Carsten Zehner, Ulrike Assmann, eds. of the six volume book series (2013-2014) Future Megacities, (1) Energy and Sun, (2) Space, Planning, and Design, (3) Local Action, (4) Capacity Development (5) Mobility and Transportation, (6) Young Research Forum, each 224-256 pages, Berlin: Jovis Verlag.

Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung von Berlin (2011) Handbuch zur Partizipation, Berlin, 340 pages.

with Carsten Zehner, Lenka Vojtová (2011) Off the Beaten Track: Urban Regeneration of Hidden World Heritage in L’viv, Berlin 2011 (Urban Management Program, TU Berlin in Co-operation with GIZ and Lviv City Council).


Other articles and publications

with Katja Niggemeier (2006) Kulturwirtschaftliche Zentren zwischen kreativem Unternehmertum, zweitem Arbeitsmarkt und Stadtteilentwicklung.  ExperimentCity, berlin:selbsorganisiert! Kulturen der nachhaltigen Stadtentwicklung, Wohnprojekte + Kreativzentren, Wirtschaft + Freiraum, S. 34-36.

(2005) Kolonie Wedding - Leerstand als Potential (Online) Projektdatenbank des Programms Soziale Stadt.

(2001) Altstadtbewahrung in Indien am Beispiel Jamnagars. Planungsrundschau, Ausgabe 2.

(2001) Zwei Jahre Berliner Quartiersmanagement. Eine kritische Auseinandersetzung auch mit der Kritik. Jahrbuch Stadterneuerung.

(2000) Preservation of the Walled City of Jamnagar. Indian Architect and Builder, Bombay.

(1999) Feeling the Crunch – Project 3 – Kalavad Gate, Jamnagar. Indian Architect and Builder, pp. 140-141, Bombay.

(1999) Restaurierungsvorhaben in der Altstadt von Kairo am Beispiel des Bayt el Suhaymi. Berliner Beiträge zur Archäometrie, Band 16, S. 91-100, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz.

with Christoph Woiwode (1999) Stadt- und Regionalplanung in Entwicklungsländern als selbstbestimmter Studienschwerpunkt. TRIALOG 62, S. 36-38.


Conference Proceedings

(2011) The Baerwaldbad, Conservation of a Public Bath House through Vocational Training, The Best in Heritage, Dubrovnik.

Invited Lectures+

(2010/2011) Urban Regeneration in Berlin – The case of Berlin-Wedding, West Asia North Africa Cooperation Unit (WANACU), TU Berlin

Grants, Awards, and Fellowships+

Grand Prix of the EU for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award in the category 'education, training and awareness-raising' for Project Baerwaldbad (Project initiative, project design and implementation)

Excellence Club ‘Best in Heritage’, Dubrovnik for Project Baerwaldbad

Other Projects+