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Lucas-Andrés Elsner



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Curriculum Vitae

Lucas Elsner joined Habitat Unit in June 2018 as a researcher and PhD candidate.

His research focuses on the relationship between uneven spatial development, transportation infrastructures and commodity chains. Supported by research funding from the TU Berlin, he is currently preparing a research project that will investigate the spatial impacts of Chinese investments in freight transport infrastructures on various scales.

Lucas Elsner studied geography and political science at the University of Münster and the University of Helsinki and urban and regional planning at Technische Universität Berlin. Currently he is an associate fellow of the graduate school of the collaborative research center 'Refiguration of Spaces'. Before joining Habitat Unit he was employed by an urban planning firm in Berlin where he mainly worked in projects in the fields of urban development strategies and participation processes.


Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning (M.Sc.) Technische Universität Berlin
(Thesis) Informeller Verkehr und städtische Governance: Multiskalare Verhandlungs- und Absicherungsstrategien des Bicitaxi-Sektors in Bogotá (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz, Prof. Dr. Dirk Heinrichs)

Bachelor of Science in Human Geography (B.Sc.) University of Münster
(Thesis) Technologie und Toleranz – eine empirische Überprüfung der Creatve-Class-These in Deutschland (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Gerald Wood, Dr. Christoph Scheuplein)

Employment History+

Since 2014
Researcher & Doctoral Candidate
Habitat Unit, TU Berlin

2015 – 2018
Urban Planner
„die raumplaner, Büro für Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung", Berlin

Student Research Assistant at the Department of Mobility and Urban Development, Institute of Transportation Research, German Aerospace Centre, Berlin

2011 – 2015
Student Research Assistant at the Department of Commercial Transport, Institute of Transportation Research, German Aerospace Centre, Berlin


Refereed articles

with Jens Klauenberg and Christian Knischewski (2018): Dynamics in the spatial distribution of hubs in groupage networks – the case of BerlinJournal of Transport Geography.


Other articles and publications

with Patrick Giebel and Niklas Steinert (2013): Die Altstadt von Küstrin ein Erinnerungsort? Entwicklung und Anwendung eines prozessualen Konzeptes zur raumgebundenen Erinnerung am Beispiel des Erinnerungsorts Altstadt von Küstrin – Ergebnisse eines Studienprojekts. In: Traba, Robert u. Bartosz Dziewanowski-Stefanczyk (Eds.): Historie. Wirtschaftsgeschichte: Jahrbuch des Zentrums für Historische Forschung Berlin der Polnischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 6, 2012/2013, Berlin, 272-287.


Conference Papers

with Anke Hagemann and Elke Beyer (2018) Revisiting 'Uneven Development': The seesaw of capital and the relocation of Turkey's globalized clothing production. Global Conference on Economic Geography 2018, Cologne/Germany.

with Lauri Turpeinen (2018) The uneven spatialities of the Finnish forestry industry – Incorporating Neil Smith's "Uneven Development" in commodity chain analysis. Annual Conference of the American Association of Geographers, New Orleans/USA.

with Jens Klauenberg and Christian Knischewski (2016) Dynamics in the spatial distribution of hubs in groupage networks – the case of Berlin. World Conference on Transport Research, Shanghai/China.

with Lauri Turpeinen (2016) I don't want to grow up (the way you do) – hardcore punk as an adolescent disruption of suburban everydayness in 1980s Southern California. Annual Conference of the American Association of Geographers, San Francisco/USA.

with Mirko Goletz, Nadmian Ndadoum and Barbara Lenz (2015) Informal transport services in Bogotá and N'Djamena: Actors, interactions and characteristics. CODATU Conference 2015 „Energy, Climate and Air Quality Challenges: The Role of Urban Transport Policies in Developing Countries", Istanbul/Turkey

with Dirk Heinrichs: Providing Public Transportation Services under Conditions of 'Permanent Temporariness' (2014) Strategies within Bogotá's Informal Bicitaxi Sector to Deal with Uncertainty. „Metropolitan Temporalities" Conference at the Center for Metropolitan Studies, Berlin/Germany.

Grants, Awards and Fellowships+

TU Berlin Internal Funding
awarded to prepare research proposal for external funding

PROMOS scholarship
Scholarship for an internship at Fundación despacio in Bogotá/ Colombia

„Gesellschaft von Freunden der TU Berlin" travel grant
Awarded for the participation at the CODATU conference in Istanbul/Turkey

DAAD Travel and Research Grant
awarded for 2-month research stay at Javeriana University, Bogotá/ Colombia

ERASMUS scholarship
for an exchange semester at the University of Helsinki

Professional and Academic Affiliations+