Habitat Unit

Book Chapters

Renato D'Alencon Castrillón, Francisco Prado Garcia (2013) Immigrant Master Builders. Architecture, Transfer between Germany and Chile. Kulturerbe und Denkmalpflege transkulturell. Transcript.

Johannes Novy, Deike Peters, Diane Davis, et.al.(2013) Railway Megaprojects As Catalysts For The Re-Making. Urban Megaprojects: A worldwide View. DeCerro.

Johannes Novy (2013) Berlin Does Not Love You - Notes on Berlin's "tourism controversy". The Berlin reader: A Companion on Urban Change and Activism. M. Bernt, A. Holm, B. Grell.


Shaimaa Abouelmagd (2013) Geographical Information System an Approach for the Development of Slums and Deteriorating Areas in Cairo, Egypt. The 14th N-AERUS / GISDECO conference, Enschede, Netherlands, 12-14 September, ISBN: 978-90-365-0747-9.


Renato D'Alencon Castrillón (2013) Fachadas Transparentes. Sistemas activos y pasivos. ARO. 84. p.97-101.

Johannes Novy (2013) Justice and the American Metropolis. Journal of the American Association. 74 (2). p.433-435.

Johannes Novy (2013) Book Review of "The Politics of Urban Cultural Policy. Global Perspectives". Urban Affairs Review. Early view. p.34-40.

Working Papers

Shaimaa Abouelmagd (2013) Assessment on the Rehabilitation of Slums in Greater Cairo, Egypt. Spaces and Flows, International Conference on Urban and Extra Urban Studies, Amsterdam.

Paola Alfaro d'Alençon (2013) Problems and Potentials of Current Inner - City Urban Renewal Strategies. The Case of Obere Stadtspree. Retrived from Beykent University Publications.